Which subscription option should I go for?

Here’s a userscript you might be interested in:
Progress Percentages by @Kumirei: Calculates the percentages of kanji you know in each of the JLPT levels and displays this on the dashboard.

You need to install tampermonkey or some other script manager and Wanikani Open Framework in order to use it.

What it does is adds a progress meter to your dashboard that displays how much of the kanji/vocab you’re likely to know on the N5~N1 tests and on sites like NHK, Newscasts, Twitter, and Wikipedia based on the frequency of the words/kanji you’ve learned. Here’s what it looks like:

I’m only past level 11 and I’ve got 55~65% on media site comprehension. Also according to @jprspereira:

  • By level 30, you’ll be able to identify 88.07% of kanji used on Twitter and 86.48% of the kanji used on Wikipedia.
  • The extra 30 levels on the other hand, will “only” give you an extra 10.11% for Twitter and 11.71% for Wikipedia.