[Userscript] Total Progress Bar (Allows Level Progress Removal)(aka 2Cool4Progress)

:warning: This is a third-party script/app and is not created by the WaniKani team. By using this, you understand that it can stop working at any time or be discontinued indefinitely.

So I made a post about the fact that the progress bar is kind of rudimentary once you get to level 60, so I thought it would be neat to make a script to give an option to remove it.
@jprspereira gave me the great idea to turn it into a Kitsun-esque progress bar, so that’s actually its main functionality. The removal of level progress is optional, so it can be used by users from all levels!

You can download it here

How to do the settings

Here are all the setting explanation. I hope they are comprehensible, and if not, don’t hesitate to ask a question :blush:

You can find the settings under Wanikani Account button, then go to Scripts>Settings>Total Progress Bar


You are now able to change the color of all 10 possible item categories!
I have also added in a functionality called Auto-Fade. If you check this box, it automatically takes the colors from Apprentice 4 and Guru 2 and makes a nice fade for the other related subcategories.

Furthermore, there are now two presets: My light theme default preset, and @Kumirei’s Breeze Dark Preset

Remove Level progress bar

Do you want to remove the Level Specific Progress Bar?
If you are Level 60, this might be a pretty annoying feature after a while. I have added the option to keep it or leave it.
Maybe you even want to remove it if you’re not level 60? Keep it a mystery when you will level-up :open_mouth:
You can choose to keep it as well.
If you choose to keep it, while also putting the progression bar in the level-progression block, it will look like this:

Choose the position of the progress bar

You can put it right above the SRS, right under the SRS and in the Progression Bar. All options look pretty neat, so I recommend playing with the options :slight_smile:

Reverse Order

You can also reverse the order of the categories, so that the Burn section is on the left of the bar.


You can subdivide Apprentice and Guru into their subsections. This is turned on by default :slight_smile:

A few pics of this neato-burrito script :burrito:

One of the other progress bar positions

I assume by now since you're level 60, I won't have to explain how to install this script, but just in case
  1. Holy crud, kudos I guess
  2. You have to get yourself this fancy thing called Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey
  3. Also you need WKOF

Thank yous
I taught myself how to code this from studying the Leech List script by @ukebox and the SRS breakdown script by @seanblue. Also I got some nifty tips from @Kumirei. Also thanks to @neicul for letting me use @jprspereira’s idea for the progress bar. I copied the technique to count the amount of items per SRS class from @seanblue’s script, if that’s not ok then I will write my own no prob :blush:

Also thanks a bunch to @Sinyaven and @Kumirei for helping me when all things got confuzzling.


Very nice! I think I might put it adjacent the SRS distribution, though

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Seems neat, I’ll make sure to use it once/if I reach level 60.


As in smack dab under the SRS distribution bar?

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Either below or above, yeah. I have my Levels By SRS below, though, so I will see how it looks above.

Edit: MFW I get an error because I haven’t finished all my lessons yet. I did finish them after getting to 60, but I haven’t done all the newly unlocked vocab yet

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Never seen that one before :open_mouth: neat script :slight_smile:

Oh huh? I’ll have a look at that.
Could you post the error?

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It happens because unlearned items don’t have assignments yet

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Ah dang, I was hoping they were bunched together in srs-stage 0
I’ll have a looksie

I think I might go with one of these. This is just personal preference, though. You do whatever you feel is right for the script


That looks pretty fancy! Mind if I give that a go as a secondary/tertiary option?

Also how did you remove that error? Or is it simply just not including the items that haven’t been learned yet?

Can the colors be customized? :upside_down_face:


Sure, go ahead.

I just put those in the initiate bracket like so

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Ah right, they literally have no assignment, I thought they just couldn’t be found in that case.

I’ll have a look into that :yum:

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Does it work for non level 60 people? I can see people that are not level 60 being interested in it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the mention :slight_smile: I appreciate it :heart:

Mine doesn’t show all the %s, but I’m not sure if there’s a way around it tbh :b


Should work if Pep does something about the items without assignments

Could probably introduce a hover tip?


I have it so that it doesn’t show the percentage when it doesn’t fit. I can remove that if you want, but it’s going to look pretty meh.

I updated the code so it should work now.

Is that this thing?
Wouldn’t that be too crowded :cold_sweat:

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I was thinking something simpler, like this


But that would work, too


Oh neat! I’ll give that a go.

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You just need to add a title attribute to the elements for that, so it’s very simple


Why you so good?