[Userscript]: WaniKani Ultimate Timeline

If you click the bar the popup will stay visible.

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why did I not try that

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When there’s only one review, i doesn’t show up. I think there should be a minimum size.


Can you show me the scale on the left side?
If you hover over that spot instead of highlighting a range, does the pop-up still open?
If you make the graph taller (by dragging the area below the graph), does the missing bar become visible?

I’m trying confirm whether bar height is really the issue, or if it’s not actually drawing the bar.

Hello, Thanks for the script. But recently (about last week), the script doesn’t work, it shows nothing. I use Firefox, can you help me please?

Thank you.

On Monday, I released an update that converted the timeline to Wanikani’s API version 2, which requires the Open Framework.

Have you followed the [instructions] for installing the framework, including setting it up to run before other scripts?

Also, could you check the Javascript console for errors? (press F12 and click on the Console tab)

Yes I have followed your instructions. Here is what my console looks like:

That error isn’t from any of my scripts, and it’s probably not causing a problem with timeline. There doesn’t seem to be any clues as to why the timeline isn’t showing up.

Would you be willing to do screen-sharing so I can troubleshoot interactively? I have a screen-sharing server that I use for business. I’ll post a link if so.

Sure, can I get the link ?

1 minute…

[link deleted]
Be sure to select “allow control” when is asks to share your screen. You’ll be able to see what I’m doing, and I’ll use the chat window to ask questions, etc. And you can disconnect at any time, of course.

Nice, wait a minute

I found several people talking about similar errors with Firefox and indexedDB. They said they were able to solve the problem by reinstalling Firefox. It seems Firefox may have had a bug in one of its upgrades that trashed indexedDB during the migration process, and doing a fresh install fixes it.

If you decide do give that a try, be sure to write down what plugins and scripts you’re using so you can reinstall them again.

Nice Info. I will try it later.
Thank you for your help.

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My reviews changed between last screenshot, but here it is, bigger screenshot with scale and without highlighting a range, just hovering over:

If I drag it a little (didn’t actually realized you could do that, that’s great!), the bar finally appears:


I’m using Firefox 60.0.1 on Windows if that’s any help.

But being able to make the graph bigger is already helpful! :+1:

I’m having issues… it doesn’t appear on my dashboard but says the script is running. I’ve tried reinstalling firefox and it’s still not working…

This looks increasingly like a problem with Firefox :thinking:

Could you try opening the Javascript console (press F12 and click the Console tab), and type the following command and press enter:


Then click to expand the resulting IDBOpenDBRequest, and check if the error says ‘null’ or something else:

This is what I got

Thanks for the error info!

I did find the following info associated with that error:

For IndexedDB to work you need history turned on.
Options > ‘FireFox will Remember history’
As far as I can see it’s not documented anywhere but this is the trigger…

Ah! Okay thank you so much!

It’s back!!

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