[Userscript] WK Review Forecast Clock Style

:warning: This is a third-party script/app and is not created by the WaniKani team. By using this, you understand that it can stop working at any time or be discontinued indefinitely.

edited for version v0.2.2
for update notes, see further down

If you prefer 24-hour clocks over 12-hour clocks, this script is for you!.

The script relies on the open framework to enable the settings from the menu.
WK Review Forecast Clock Style script available at GreasyFork location.

Settings available from Account > Scripts > Settings > Review Forecast Clock Style


Choose from four* clock styles

original 12-hour clock 24-hour clock 24-hour digital clock
rf_clockstyle_170p270x259 rf_clockstyle_270p266x245 rf_clockstyle_370p270x252

*The fourth option is the 24-hour digital clock with leading padding zeroes for times earlier than 10:00 and is available since 0.2.2

Allows limiting the forecast to anywhere from 2-7 days (7 days is maximum WK provides and also the default)


notes on v0.1

I did notice that @AksU beat me to it!

Still had a lot of fun figuring this script out, and figured I might as well post.

release notes

version date release notes
0.2 2020-05-02 minor cleanup in selecting the time elements
added possibility to limit the number of days in the review forecast
added delayed second run to prevent issues with forecast not yet loaded
0.2.1 2023-09-14 fix for updated review forecast
fix for day limiter without cockpit present
0.2.2 2024-01-08 updates from reconman:
added 24h digital clock with leading padding zeroes
enforce min and max days via settings

Thanks for this one. I do prefer the digital clock to the XXh. So I’m glad you posted!


Thank you for making this!




Version 0.2 available. Edited OP for those interested in the contents of the update.


Thanks! I didn’t know I needed this, but I really do! ^>^ :durtle_love:


haha, same! thanks for bumping this :smile: just the other day i experienced some confusion because i mixed up am / pm. well, not anymore! :slight_smile:


It is so…strange. But I can never learn these. *sigh (and here I’m learning almost 2000 kanji. lol :joy: )


This is awesome! Thank you @rwesterhof for the helpful script.

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Bug report: the settings actually allow me to pick a value outside this range (e.g. -2, 1, 8, 10) even though in practice it’s still the min or max value, 2 or 7.

You can set restrictions on the input like this in HTML:
<input type="number" id="quantity" name="quantity" min="1" max="7">

If you’re going to limit days, not sure why 1 isn’t supported but 2 is, but okay…

This is super minor (but probably also would take 2 seconds to fix) :wink:

Thanks for the great script! :partying_face:
This should really just be a built-in WK setting… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not something I can fix. The settings use the open framework’s method of pushing it into the menu, and that doesn’t support min/max settings on the input fields (we could put in a feature request on that script of course). I offer the tooltip that the value is restricted to 2-7, which is enforced by the coding. So yes, you can enter -2, it will treat it as the minimum 2.
The reason 2 is the minimum is because after you finish the reviews for the day, the forecast should at least be showing you tomorrow’s reviews, which wouldn’t happen if it was limited to 1 day (the limit isn’t 24 hours in advance, but just the nr of day blocks the forecast shows). A limit of 1 will just show the empty current day - not much of a forecast.

Yes, but if a user deliberately entered one to just show that current day, it wouldn’t hurt to honor it.

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Perhaps not something that you would want to do, but you could use the pre_open callback to modify the input field and add min/max attributes

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Version 0.2.1 is out for the updated review forecast

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@rwesterhof I personally prefer when hours before 10:00 are displayed with a leading 0 so I enhanced your script a bit: WaniKani Review Forecast Clock with leading 0 · GitHub

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Regarding min and max values for forecast days, WKOF supports min and max attributes for automatic validation: GitHub - rfindley/wanikani-open-framework: Open framework for writing userscripts for Wanikani

nrOfForecastDays: {
    type: 'number',
    label: 'Number of days to display',
    hover_tip: 'Limit the review forecast to anywhere from 2 - 7 days',
    default: 7,
    min: 2,
    max: 7
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Great updates! I’ve included them in version 0.2.2