Japanese WaniKani dashboard UserScript


I think it’s a shame that there is no way to gradually put the vocabulary you learn on WaniKani to use… So I made a UserScript that does just that! It translates the WaniKani dashboard and some parts of the lesson / review pages into Japanese based on your current level (currently known vocab):

I’d love to have this kind of thing usable on just any Japanese website. A “translate page” option that doesn’t translate the things you already know… But that’d way to much work for me, so at least you get to have that on WaniKani!

It is less than perfect, and I’m sure that I used some Japanese incorrectly somewhere, so feedback would be greatly appreciated!

It requires WaniKani Open Framework:



Ii will finally help me right away with this leech for ‘lesson’ and ‘心得る’ that I keep forgetting :joy:

can you fix that part is not translated? The ‘progression’ part

these progression bars are from another script. I assume this script only deals with vanilla wk dashboard areas.

I’m not sure if it’s possible to make this script rename other scrips, but it’d be interesting, at least on the most popular ones.


Can you fix to translate Radicals and Examples word still appearing in lesson and that ‘s’ in reading?

and Context


So far great script!!!

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Hi eveandcs, I only have vocabulary lessons at the moment, so I sort of guessed for kanji and radicals.
Thanks to your help, the update I just posted should fix it now!

The vocabulary for “context” is a level 32 item, so it will start translating it once you’ve arrive to level 33!

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