My Journey of 352 days

I listed the scripts I had but I can go over them a bit.

The first one is just the basic WK Open Framework script, which is more of a super script that many other scripts use. Can be found here.

The second script, and probably the most important one I used, was the reorder script. This lets me re-order the lessons and reviews that WaniKani gives me, so I can prioritize radical and kanji lessons after leveling up (and also progress blocking review items when they hit their next SRS stage). You can find this script here.

Another useful script was the Override script, which basically just adds an undo (“Ignore Answer”) button to the reviews page. This is useful for if you fat finger a response (i and u are so close to each other on the keyboard sometimes) or if you put in an obvious synonym that WaniKani doesn’t recognize (i.e. “bravely fight” instead of “fight bravely”). This script can be found here.

I also had the heatmap script installed. It gives you an overview of how many reviews you’re doing per day, here’s a screenshot of my heatmap.

It’s not as important as the others above, but it’s fun to have some more stats as you go along. You can find this script here.

And the last script I have installed is the leeches script, which just shows you your worst performing items. I didn’t really find this one too useful, but it can be important to know which items you need to spend some extra time reviewing. You can find this one here.