Installing Wanikani Open Framework

Hey! Just downloaded FrameWork and Fast Abridged on the Opera Browser. Hope this works…so far I haven’t seen anything when I was practicing new lessons. Maybe it will take a while to kick in. I restarted Opera.

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It only works in Reviews, not Lessons.

Ah! Thank you. I have none right now.

I updated yesterday to use the open framework. You need framework installed, and higher up than any scripts. Framework needs to load before scripts. Not sure how to do that with violentmoney, and I’m on phone, so no way I can play with it right now.

What behavior are you experiencing? Or not experiencing?
Any errors in the Javascript console?

It’s a setting in the global Tampermonkey settings. I don’t remember the default setting.

Ah, it defaults to a week. Changed it, thanks.

How do I see the javascript console? The behavior I’m experiencing is nothing happens. The script does appear to be active in the chrome menu.

To open the Javascript console, press F12, then click on the Console tab.

The [Fast Abridged Wrong/Multiple Answer Settings] script isn’t mine, so I’m not the best person to help you troubleshoot. But your ViolentMonkey should look like this:

(Scripts enabled in general, plus each individual script enabled, plus the scripts in the right order)

And when it’s working properly, you should see the an option in the Wanikani user menu:


And when you answer something wrong in a review (not a lesson), it pops up with the correct answer.

I don’t have the item in the wanikani menu, so something’s definitely wrong. But I do have like a dozen other scripts for wanikani and those don’t show in the menu either.
There’s no error in the javascript console.

Are you open to doing a screen-share? I have a ScreenConnect server that I use for my business clients.

Sure, just give me the details.

I don’t know if this is intentional, but I noticed that “scripts” only appears if you’re at the dashboard: WaniKani — Log in

It’s not visible at all if I’m viewing the page from here:


I just found the cause of that in the [other thread].

I just finished some reviews and things are working well :). Thanks @DaisukeJigen for the great tool.

I may be confusing this some other script, but doesn’t your Self Study Quiz Edition script display a quiz interface in the kanji menu? I used to be able to see a quiz button over the kanji over there but since I had to update to this open framework it has disappeared.

You are correct. The new quiz script is written essentially from scratch, and I didn’t include the interface on the kanji menu. But I’m going to add that back in today.

In the meantime, you can access the quiz from the user menu:

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Thanks for the reply. Looking back at the post I definitely did not read close enough :sweat_smile:

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Nevermind. Solved it.

What about triggering an event when the open framework is loaded that other scripts can subscribe to before doing open framework related stuff? Something like WOF.onLoad?