[UserScript] Better Progress Bar

Saw a post earlier about the fact, that the progress bar on the wanikani page is kinda… weird. Usually You have it at 0 and then it suddenly jumps up in a few reviews at most then it goes back to 0. It would be better if it went up gradually actually showing some progress being made. So that’s what I did.

Introducing “WaniKani - Better Progress Bar”. It tracks the number of SRS stages you’ve completed and rescales the progress bar based on that:

Link to the userscript itself: WaniKani - Better Progress Bar

This script requires WKOF to work.
Install instructions can be found here


Good script!


Accidentally left in the wrong URL to run on, which meant it didn’t run on for example www.wanikani.com/dashboard. Now that’s fixed

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There is also this one.


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That adds a bunch of other bars, I just change this one. It’s the simpler version for those that just want to see their progress but not change the dashboard in a huge way.

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I installed this script, and it’s running according to Tampermonkey, but I get this in the console:

Hint: I haven’t done any lessons for my current level yet…

Huh, so that can be null, will go ahead and fix that up later in the evening, thanks for the report

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Yeah, feels like a bit of an unfortunate API design, but it seems to be that way…

EDIT: Actually it’s undefined, which is different from null in JavaScript :rofl:

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Published an update, the issue was, that locked items don’t have assignments assigned to them. Also just included a different change for if you have no items left (really don’t know what happens past 60, this is a precaution against that)

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Hmmm, Greasyfork still shows me Ver. 0.1.1 (which still produces the error)? Maybe something went wrong in the update process?

Odd, I swear I copied the right thing, now it should be actually fixed

I find the Greasyfork UI to be somewhat… unintuitive, so don’t worry too much about it :woman_shrugging:

Anyways, now it works for me:

Thanks for the cool script and the speedy patch! :+1:

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