Wanikani scripts not working

Hi My wanikiani dashboard, stopped working a few days a ago. I reinstalled it to day, but it didn’t work, and now the lesson reorder script as well is no longer working.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

What browser and script manager are you using? Greasemonkey on Firefox is known to not work.

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I’m using Chrome with tamper monkey

Are the scripts still shown in the browser tray icon of Tampermonkey? Any error messages in the console (Ctrl-Shift-J)?

They show up with no error messages. the app store doesn’t seem to load for me anymore also.

I’m getting this message on my review page
WKU::Please Wait::Currently updating UID list… 100%

I suppose you do have “Wanikani Open Framework” installed, so maybe you could post a screenshot of the messages from your console? (you can access there by pressing F12, and make sure to crop out any sensitive information, like maybe your API, or other stuff like that)

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I had the same issue with the reorder script, but then I realized there was a fix (found here) to help with the UID errors

As far as the Dashboard Progress script, you might have issues if you don’t have Open Framework installed, check the original thread’s OP to make sure you followed all the steps

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Hi, something similar is just happening to me. This morning I opened up WK and a prompt appeared but I instinctively pressed without looking :expressionless:, it was something about the Open Framework I think.

Thing is my scripts no longer work past the Home Screen. I checked the console and this appears:

I must have set something as a threat and it blocks it now.

I clicked on the link, it appeared as a threat but whitelisted it. When I click it now a wall of code appears instead. But the error persists.

Anyone can help?

PD: I thought this was from yesterday but just saw it’s actually from a year ago. x)

Anyone else having problems with their desktop scripts not working as of the update 2 weeks ago? I’d like to have the ignore answer, or override scripts working again on Chrome/Tampermonkey.

Thanks for reading! :smiley:

Everything’s been working perfectly fine for me. All your scripts up to date? F12 console saying anything?

I just installed Tampermonkey, Open Framework and the self-study quiz and leech training. I can see Open framework in my Dashboard and Tampermonkey tells me the scripts are running…but nothing happens! I get a non-progressing progress bar saying it’s loading data for the self-study quiz, but that’s it.

I’m using Chrome from behind a firewall with pop-ups disabled. What do I need to do to get my scripts going?