What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

I’m reposting it cause the reply thing autocollapses.

Is there an extension allowing lessons to be repeated? This could be done by putting a “redo lesson” button on the lessons page where it shows you the last lesson’s summary (or just review radicals/kanji/vocab), as opposed to starting a new session. Or one could “relearn” multiple selected items. Such a function would be very helpful for me, I find the lesson environment to be much more conducive to learning than just looking at the reading/meaning sections. Usually I enter a first review with at least one item I’m completely clueless about, and have to type in random bullshit. It takes 2 or more false answers for the reading/meaning to stick. I’d love to use this script to relearn my last lesson since I rushed through it due to time demands involving real-life humans. Even just that simple function (relearn last lesson) would be fantastic…

If you guys truly love me you will artificially inflate the popularity of this hypothetical extension

Seriously, let’s talk seriously now. You don’t want to reset because you’ll feel like you’re going backwards, is that it? :slight_smile:

I’d like to get a sense of how much I remember first. It’s much easier to learn something a second time and I’d be quite bored waiting for new material once I’ve remembered things. I’ll likely reset a few levels but for some I just need a reminder.

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In general I have quite a good memory and going through my review items I can answer at least 60% at the moment. I think most of the material will resurface in muh brain, it’s just temporarily a bit buried while I wasn’t using it. That is a highly scientifological description of how human memory works.

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Do it like this instead then:

1. Install this script.

2. Now install this one.

3. Read the instructions of the 2nd script.
4. Starting from level 1, go level by level until you feel like you’re getting too uncomfortable with the content.
5. Reset to that contents’ level :slight_smile:


I’ve been doing that to mixed success but the point of going over the lessons is reading the mnemonics/hueristics.

You can still do it while doing reviews, but I see how that’s not the same thing.

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I’ve seen requests for review notifications elsewhere, but they didn’t seem to go anywhere. It sure would be nice to get push notifications on my laptop/desktop when reviews are available.



If I’m missing something and these have already been implemented on the site, can someone please point me to how to turn them on? Thanks!

Push notifications work for firefox.

Wanikani Companion for Chrome does push notifications

click “allow”

(this is the firefox infotab, next to the back button)

I’m sure those are great, but I’m not willing to change my preferred browser to get just that one feature. Is it really not possible to create a solution that works in all browsers?

Safari is crap. It doesn’t have extensions. If you want any of the wanikani scripts you will need a program with greasemonkey or its chrome counterpart.

I recommend firefox as a non-profit with great extensions. Chrome is more popular these days but it integrates completely with Google. If you have an Android and a Google account and you like convenience at the expense of personal privacy, it’s worth downloading it.

This is a thing, but I haven’t used it myself

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Safari is not crap (and I’m not going to fight about it - especially if you’re going to be rude) and it does have extensions.

It does? Since when? … Huh. I’m sure it’s not as comprehensive a selection though.
Also, I was being sort of facetious, no need to wade into a UseNet-Tier war over it. XD
Sorry :sweat:

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I believe this is what you’re looking for!

forgive me if you already have it…
to download any userscripts you’ll need it.

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Thank you! I saw this mentioned in other posts, but was leery about the security issues. I will give it a try.

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I like this idea a lot, I think I’ll give it a go.

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