[Userscript] WK Fake Numbers 1.4+

Download is here if I’ve already convinced you!

Just like with the Real Numbers script, due to WK updates, the original Fake Numbers userscript no longer works, and nobody else has fixed it, so I have adopted the script.

It utilises and is dependent on the Wanikani Open Framework, so make sure it is installed!

Code forked from WaniKani number clobber 1.3 - a script that replaced lesson & review counts with categories (but this is NOT an update and has nothing to do with it otherwise)

What’s new:

v1.4.2: Add Extra Study support (2022-03-20)

v1.4.1: adds nav bar support (kudos to Naphthalene) (2020-09-01)

v1.4: Initial release - return to 42+ instead of categories. Continue no longer using 42+ everywhere… just in lesson and review counts. (2020-08-31)

History of how this script got here (this part has nothing to do with me):

WaniKani number clobber v1.3: Updated to match the new page structure. The review preview on the side is still unaffected for now, though.

WaniKani number clobber v1.2: Extension: works also on the lesson and review pages. Can be toggled manually but setting the variable clobberall in the script (true clobbers all, false only clobbers the dashboard). Also thanks to @ The1AndMany

WaniKani number clobber v1.1: bug fix: works correctly on the dashboard when accessing through the root of the WK site. Thanks @ The1AndMany

WaniKani number clobber v1.0: initial release - use categories instead of 42+

Fake Numbers v1.0 (Original no longer working): First iteration of script.


This is good. One less orphan script. :+1:

Could you please update the title of the thread to start with [Userscript] ? This will help locating your script using the forum search function. Also is your script listed in the The New and Improved List of Third-Party Apps? :thinking: If not you may want to add it there. This is a Wiki post.


Could you make it clear that this script is separate from the number clobber script. You make it sound like it’s an update of it :sweat_smile:


@prouleau @Naphthalene Done.


Is the version number also a fake number? :stuck_out_tongue:


No - it was the next version after the forked script’s version. 1.0 was already taken, and 2.0 seemed a bit much for a small tweak.

However, I might just keep using digits of the square root of 2…


Surprise! I’m still supporting this script. I have decided to release 1.4.2 to add Extra Study support.

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