Knowing how Wanikani works is making everything way more stressful now

Getting a low accuracy in the beginning and after long breaks is completely normal. I’ve taken 2 almost year long breaks from wanikani to focus on school, and I would come back to 1000 review counts and only get 40% of them right lololol. From those experiences, I’ve learned not to take your accuracy or speed so seriously, and that it’s totally fine to just do ten to twenty reviews whenever you have a moment. In the future you may see high review counts, but those numbers do go down if you just keep at it on your own pace.

Also more importantly, SRS learning is a skill. The more you do it, the higher your accuracy will get. I get 95-100% review accuracy on my reviews now just doing them once per day, and I just came back to Wanikani two or three weeks ago. So don’t sweat it :). You’ll get better, and you’ll be able to read more before you know it. Also important. Try not to do lessons in bulk. You’ll retain them better if you ration them somehow. Personally, I stick to 10 lessons per session and I have no problem remembering them the next review.

Finally, since your new and just learning about scripts, I have a few I recommend :slight_smile:
Wanikani Open Framework by @rfindley: A framework upon which many other scripts are built. Necessary for some scripts to work. This guy’s created a bunch of super amazing scripts so be on the lookout for him.
Integrated Dashboard Overhaul by @BJennWare: This breaks down review and lessons counts into rad/kanji/vocab counts and shows when your next critical review is. The real piece de resistance is the critical review tracking because it highlights the date and time of the review that will put you closer to leveling up.
Advanced Context Sentences by @abdullahalt: You won’t be using this much right away, but it highlights your Guru’d kanji in the context sentences that comes with every vocab. Around level 8-10 or so, this’ll start being really handy! Also adds audio to the sentences lol.
Wanikani Stroke Order by @looki: This adds the stroke order to kanji and even shows up during reviews! I promise you that writing down the kanji will go a long way towards helping you remember them, even if you just write it in the air with your finger.
Review Countdown Timer by @GangsterOfBoats: This one is hit or miss, but it limits the amount of time you have to answer reviews. Not only can this make review sessions much shorter, but can help how fast you recognize the subject matter! Default is 10 seconds but you can adjust the time.
Ninja Lookup: This one is a chrome extension, not a script, but it’s extremely helpful. You simply highlight a word, right-click it, and select ninja lookup, and then a small window will open up with the first definition from The main benefit is that you can keep the window open while translating a context sentence. It isn’t always accurate though so beware.

Here’s a comprehensive list of scripts in case you want more.