Should I start again?

A: Ouch. :cry:

B: It never occurred to me to use the heatmap to look forward like that. Thanks for the hint!

I use the heatmap mostly as a streak-tracker, motivational thing looking backward in time. It shows I’m coming up on 100,000 total reviews which is a pretty cool milestone, and I’m making a good run on finally beating my longest review streak. I did 199 days in a row very early on, then somehow didn’t get another review in until after midnight on the 200th day. It wouldn’t have hurt nearly bad if it was the 237th day or some other “not round” number.

For looking forward I like configuring the ultimate timeline to show 120 days out by SRS level (as shown above).

In case anyone not averse to scripts cares: here’s my current dashboard (I’m VERY fond of it):

That’s the GanbarOmeter script on top, followed by the Ultimate Timeline, then Burn Progress, the stock stuff, then the Heatmap, and the stock SRS distribution (which I can also see from the data view in the GanbarOmeter).

I’m using the Breeze Dark theme to get that low-stress dark background.

Oh, what the heck. For completeness, here’s the bottom half of my dashboard, too:

That’s the ultimate swiss-army-knife to poke around with up top: the Item Inspector.

I’ve also got my Tofugu Latest in the middle there to see when Tofugu creates new blog entries (always worth reading).