Is it possible to get a plaintext document of the vocab?

I’ll explain what I mean here, since I couldn’t really think of a good way to word it. For my study, I’ve been writing down the radicals, kanji, and vocab for five levels. This is part to help me remember things better, and part to give me practice writing the kanji. The problem is that I have some pretty significant health issues with my hands, and presently I don’t think I can manage writing down all, idk, ~120+ vocab for level 6. I’d prefer if I didn’t just skip it completely, so I was thinking of creating a word document and then printing that out and putting it in my vocab notebook, but copying and pasting everything from the WK pages individually hurt possibly worse than writing it down would have. So I’m wondering if there would be any way to get all of the vocab pages into one place, just for level 6, so that I could then reformat it more easily for printing? If it’s not possible I might just print out the vocab without the mnemonics or anything but that seems like a bit of a loss so if I can find some alternate way, I’d love that. Sorry for the odd question, and thank you!

(what I’ve been doing manually)

(what I attempted to do digitally with copy paste, very inefficiently)


Yes it can be done. I’m fairly new when it comes to requesting info from an API but I have made a lot of progress so far in the things I’m working on.

I’ll do this and I’ll send you the file :slight_smile:


Oh, wow, thank you so much! I’d truly appreciate that if you can manage it and have the time!

If I understand correctly, you only want the vocabulary words right?

Vocabulary word and meaning and that’s it or only vocabulary word?

Also, you’re welcome :blush:

Oh never mind, I misread. You do want the word, meaning, mnemonics, etc.

I’ll work on it.

Item Inspector can export your items to CSV format. You can use this as a plain text or you can open the csv file in a spreadsheet and print it.


Cool, there is a script for that already.

Well, I have the vocab, meaning, and mnemonics in a text file OP in case you still want it. Let me know!


@prouleau Oh wow, there we are then! I’ll definitely use that in the future, thank you so much!

@Kinozato Since you took the time to do that, I’d still love that actually. Thank you very much as well!


It’s no trouble at all. I enjoy doing little projects as it helps me get better at handling API calls :smiley:

File deleted to avoid any issues 🙂

If there is something specific that you want as far as format or content that is not available in the script linked above, let me know!


That’s great, thank you again! I appreciate all your help.

In the future, a better solution to just posting an extract would be to post whatever script was used to make it, especially since technically posting their data publicly like that is against the terms of service (I think). Besides, posting a script means anyone can make this, and change it to fit their needs.

Oh, apologies! I guess I shouldn’t have asked for that then…the script mentioned above does work for that, so I changed that to the solution so it would be more, um, roundly applicable? Sorry, I’m afraid I’m still somewhat new at all this.

Oh alright. Didn’t know it was against the rules.

Just to be clear, what you’re doing isn’t wrong. The issue here was taking WK’s IP and making it publicly available. The scripts themselves are totally fine to share and modify since they’re usually under some form of open source license.


hello! it’d be great if you could send this to me <3

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