Script to remove burn, infinity script, post 60/lifetime tool

Do you refer to my suggestion above? It is tedious but not for long. You need to do the configuration only once after installing the script. Once this is done the burned items table is available on your dashboard (no click required) on a permanent basis without further hassle.


I don’t wanna. Don’t think anybody wanna. Pressing one button is smooch. Pls make

I don’t wanna. My script is fine as it is. If you don’t want it this is fine. Good luck getting what you want.


Exactly. Encountering these words through exposure is going to do much more wonders for remembering things over an endless cycle of SRSing.

The way I see it, WK should be used as a springboard not as an end unto itself.

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I got this script but I havent burned any items yet so dunno if it works or not

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An update for those who want to study burned items. Both Self-Study Quiz and Item Inspector can do it out of the box. How to do it is described in the top post of Item Inspector. Disclosure: I am the author of Item Inspector.



Really wish there was an option to simply remove the burned categorie so items always stay at enlightened

could be a simple 1 click/toggle script
would pay for someone to make it

I don’t think people are unwilling, it’s just that the Wanikani API does not really allow for it. You can see all kinds of things with it, but you can’t reset single items to a specific level.

Another idea would be a plugin that fails the enlightened items automatically for you, so you can still just go on with reviews like normal? But would also be a very hacky script and I doubt you can actually get that to work. Maybe almost easier to write your own review-client, that always reports ‘failed’ for these items? It’s all just not that simple I’m afraid.

auto fail enlightened sounds like a way
hoped one could just disable burn stage

really annoying to have items start again at apprentice 0
can please, anyone, point me towards/create a way to disable burning? just let them stay in the pre-final stage keeping them in a 6 month loop so if I ever get them wrong they go back to earlier stages and if not come back in 6 months

this would make wk complete for me
even bought lifetime

How about you just fail all burn reviews, then you get to see them in two weeks, instead of two times a day. Or just let them be burned and start reading at some point. Or practice your burn reviews on KameSame.

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Bold of you to assume that @JoeyBertschler actually wants to read rather than just play the WK game forever. :laughing:


How much? My discounted rate is $150 an hour. I’d call it the Asbestos Gloves script cause items never burn.

To be serious though, I think what you are asking is not as easy as you might think with the existing API. You can’t “cheat” the SRS system through the API. You can mark an enlightened item wrong but that just sends it back to guru, which I take it is not what you want. You can present an enlightened item, then abandon it, but it will just come back tomorrow. There’s no way, once an enlightened item appears, to present it and then tell it to go away for 4 months.


still want it
maybe autofail any enlightened item?

You can do this with the script that shows SRS level. Just intentionally fail any enlightened items that come up.

I never did a WK script before, but perhaps it would be possible like this:
Mark the item wrong → goes back to guru → immediately fake the review and mark it correct so it goes to enlightened state again

Or is the marking of correct review locked, because the needed time has not passed yet?

This. The review won’t come up until the next interval.

Also, it would go from guru to master on the next correct review.

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The script could simply hide the review until a given day, thus making it a “fake” enlightened item. Of course, that would not play well with the default interface. Your error count would increase and leech scripts would get confused. Maybe better than auto failing it, the script could simply not send the review to WK and spirit away the item for a while.

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True. But then you’d have a mini-Wanikani just for those items and a full blown Wanikani2 when all your items get to enlightened. :wink:

I don’t really understand what you mean. Hiding reviews is standard (many scripts, including reorder do that). You just need to remember when to unhide the review, so, it’s regular WK + external storage. Probably not local storage, otherwise using any other pc would bork it.
Obviously yes, you would eventually have only enlightened items, which was the original point, I guess?