Question about resetting and burned items

Hello, I reached lv 60 a few months ago and stopped using wanikani. After realizing that I’m struggling with kanji that i was supposed to know, I decided to come back, and after doing over 2000 accumulated reviews I realized that i have way to many leeches and I can’t possibly learn anything if i have so many items that are never going to leave the guru stage, it would just be time comsuming to do the reviews. So i was thinking of resetting to around lv 30, this will help me because I can put those leeches back in lessons and learn them at a slower pace, however i don’t want to review again items that i have already learned.
So i have a very specific question: you know how once you burn an item you can resurrect it, and burn it again after being resurrected right? Can i manually burn items that i already know after i reset?

Sorry if the question has been asked already but i couldn’t find anything regarding this.


No, you can’t. It will be just as if you never learned them for all the levels you go back.


That’s a real shame, i think i will try to fight these leeches for a little bit longer before deciding if i should reset or not, thanks for the answer.

You could try to employ various scripts like [Userscript] Self-Study Quiz and [Userscript] Wanikani Item Inspector, to get a handle on your leeches.


Your best best is probably to use the Reorder Script to have lowest level items come up for review first and cap your reviews to just those.

Once you guru them, you can increase your review cap to the next set of items.


There’s also the Leech Trainer. I have some leech squashing scrips listed on my Study blob.

What I’ve noticed about getting rid of leeches is that it takes time and effort. And some are very persistent. Others, with some working on them, get burned.

So, patience is important.

Good luck! ^>^ You can do it! :+1:


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