Star/Save favourites, and study them

The Explicit List filter in in the userscript Item Inspector will do what you want. You will need to install Item Inspector.

Once you have the Explicit List filter configurer you may click on the Self-Study Quiz buttons of the Item Inspector toolbar to study the items. Or you cold use the item inspector popup to study the item directly. Or you could click on the item in Item Inspector to open the item page.

The explicit list filter is an optional filter which means it doesn’t show up in the settings unless you expressly indicate that you want it. Here is the procedure.

  • Go to the settings tab of the Item Inspector settings.
  • Scroll down until you find the Optional Filter settings
  • Select the KanjiDic2/Traditional Radicals option
  • Click on the Save button
  • Refresh your browser - The Optional filters won’t show up until you do.



To activate your filter you need to create a table for it.

  • Go to the Tables tab of the Item Inspector Settings menu
  • Click on the new button – This will create a new table named
  • Type in “Explicit List” in the Edit Table Name field and press enter to give the table a significant name

Add New Table

  • Select the Filter tab while the Explicit List table is selected. This will show a list of filters you can use. The Explicit List filter is the one before last all the way down the list.




By default the filters are disabled. To enable then you click on the checkbox just before the filter name. This ungrey the filter text and show up a user interface widget to configure your filter.


To configure the filter click on the button. The User Interface for the filter will show up.

You should see four text areas for radicals, kanji etc. You can type in the items you need in Japanese (Kanji, hiragana etc) with an IME. You also have the possibility to export your data to a file and recover the data from that file at a later time.