[Userscript] WaniKani More Item Info


Images wooo

Image of WK item info box while reviewing:

Image of WK item info box while doing a lesson:

This is the page for the 母 (mother) Kanji:

This script shows you additional information for WaniKani items while reviewing them and while doing lessons. That way you can decide how important they are and stuff.

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(This is a beta.)
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  • show info while reviewing (not only while doing lessons) and improved info page
  • Kanji: Joyo info, frequency, school grade, and JLPT level
  • Radicals: radical number, stroke number, and frequency
  • Vocab: JLPT level, common (Yes or No), and frequency (top most used and percentage)
  • All: WaniKani level

I’m all open for new feature requests, as well!
Preferably, we could discuss this stuff over the WK Userscript Discord Server but you can also post requests here :D

Lame Backstory

Yoo… ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

I found this script (WK Kanji Info) a few months ago and I really liked the idea. But for me it did not really work anymore (guess I’m 2 years late to the party). It should show you additional Kanji data while doing lessons. But (for me at least) it was behind the lesson banner so you could not see it and it did not update its data properly.


So I decided to renew the script myself because I don’t think the original creator of it is still active. While I was at it I also decided to make it a “Item Info” instead of only a “Kanji Info”. So I got some data for Radicals, Kanji, and Vocab from a few sources and combined them all into this script.

Because this was originally only a fix meant for my own needs it is not complete, it is a beta. I originally only posted this to the original thread but because I’ve noticed there are still a lot of things to improve I decided to make this userscript its own thread. Please report bugs and give me feedback. Thank you :smiling_face:

To-Do List

  • I didn’t have the chance to check if it works on multiple browsers.
  • The radical info while reviewing is also not tested yet (I don’t have any radical reviews for quite some time).

So sorry about that! But please report bugs when you find any (ᵔ◡ᵔ)


Could you add it on the Extra Study pages too, please? :durtle_hello:



Thank you for the request :smile: I totally forgot that was a thing!

I added the info box to all the extra study pages.


Yay, thank you! :high_touch:


Update: I added an “Origin” for some radicals where it made sense. This can be a composition or just the Kanji it originated from.

For example, 氵(tsunami) has this origin:

And 井 (well):


Update: I’ve made it so that する at the end, as well as 〜 or numbers at the front like 五枚 are removed because they shouldn’t count as separate words from their shortened forms imo.

For example 説得する previously did not show much data because it was considered a separated word from 説得. But now it’s much more useful:


Update: Apparently, the lesson info box wasn’t even changing. But that is fixed now.

Update: And, I made the review info box stop changing with the last fix :expressionless:. But that should work now, too.

Update: Oof.