[Userscript] Wanikani Item Inspector

Version 1.11.1 is now available - please download it at the top post.

Fixing a bug that prevented Item Inspector from starting.

The documentation is coming. Please stay tuned.

Version 1.11.2 is now available - please download it at the top post.

Fixing another bug I introduced when fixing the previous bug. Now the navigation buttons will work.

Isnt TamperMonkey And Greasyfork A Way to exploit? I’ve Seen Multiple people use those plugins for exploiting/Hacking on websites etc.

The trick is to not install any malware


Ah, Okay. I thought the user wa attempting to exploit the website.

Here is the documentation for versions 1.11.x released above.

There is a new prerequisite. The Kanji Stroke Order Font are required for the new stroke order popup that will be discussed below.

Choosing features

This is following up on @ekg suggestion to allow a Item Inspector version light. If you feel overwhelmed with the abundance of features you may now turn off some features you won’t use.


The Restore Missing Defaults is to permit existing users to easily upgrade their Item Inspector to have the new tables that are available to new users. Your existing settings is not affected. It just checks whether some defaults are missing and adds them at the end of the table list. This also enable you to recover defaults tables you have deleted.

The Enable Features multi-list allows you to remove some buttons and selectors from the top bar. Everything is turned on by defaults.

The Optional Filters multi-list allows you to bring more filters in the filter settings. Optional filters are external scripts. You may install them via Greasemonkey or you may load them in Item Inspector. Chose only one option, otherwise the filter script will be Installed twice. Also each installed filter also shows up in Self-Study Quiz but they will not be tidily organized as they are in Item Inspector. Don’t load filters you won’t use.


@saibaneko I think you may want to pay attention to this.

Filters are tests for Wanikani items. If an item passes the test it gets displayed in Item Inspector or quizzed on in Self-Study Quiz. In Item Inspector filters have three main uses.

  • Select the items you care about a question about your items.
  • Answer a question about your items.
  • Perform search.

You select the items you care about occurs when you set up the filters for a page. If you care about leeches you need a table configured with a leech filter. The rule is if you are going to see some items often you should create a table just for them.

Let’s say for the sake of the example you are preparing for JLPT N3 and you want to study N3 kanji. The procedure goes as follows:

  • First you must create a table for JLPT N3 kanii. You don’t want to override a table that serves another purpose.
  • Go to the Table Table
  • Press the New button, a table table called <untitled> will appear.
  • Change the table name with the Edit Table Name field.

AddTable .

Then you go set the filter.

  • While the JLPT N3 table is selected go to the Filters tab.
  • Reach for the Item Type filter and select kanji… In this example you want the kanji, not the vocabulary.
  • Then teach for the JLPY level with vocab at the bottom of the filter list and select N3.

Voila you have a kanji JLPT table. It will automatically show up in the selector for tables.



Sometimes you have a question about items that can be answered by setting up additional filters to your table during a limited period of time. For example you may want to see which leeches have a streak of good answers of 2 or higher, indicating that they are on the way of recovery.

Previuosly you needed to go to the table filters and tamper with them on a temporary basis. Once you got your answer you needed to restore the filters to their normal settings. Now there is a temporary filter dropdown on the toolbar. You select the filter you need and it is automatically applied. When you are done you select the No Temporary Filter option and things go back to normal.


A number of convenient filters are pre-configured. If you need need to ask a question often you may setup your own temporary filter


The procedure is the same as with permanent filters except that you do it in the Temporary Filter tab. These filters will show up in the temporary filters selector.

There is an option checkbox called Ask Before Filtering. This option causes the selected filters show up in a dialog where you can change the settings. If sometimes you want to see only the kanji and at other times you want to see only the vocabulary you can set the Item Type filter with this checkbox clicked. Then you will be able to change the setup every time you use the filter.

The third use of filters is search. There are filters designed expressly for search. One of them is preconfigured in the Temporary Filters dropdown. It is called Global Search. You type in your search criteria and the matching items will be selected.


This is a ask before you filter type of filters. The search is performed on the currently selected table. Two new default tables are added for search: Existing users must use the Restore Missing Defaults button in the settings to have them.

  • All Learned Items.
  • All Wanikani Items.

Optional Filters

Here is a description of the optional filters.

Dates and Events

These are filters for all the date information available in Item Inspector. For each date there are three filters.

  • Date after <your setting>
  • Date before <your setting>
  • Whether (or not0 an event associated with the date had occured


A collection of filters for searching item information.


A collection of filters for all statistics included in Item Inspector. For each statistic there are two filters.

  • Statistics greater than <your setting>
  • Statistics greater than; <your setting>

Items List

Three filters by @rfindley that let you explicitly list the items you want.

Part Of Speech

A filter by @rfindley that searches vocabulary by their part of speech.

Popups and New Information

There has been a big tune up in popups, both to increase performance and to make larger popups that never go outside of the screen. The made possible options that were off-limits until now.

Starting from now you may mouse over the little icons in popups to obtain some information. Also the icons are clickable to open the item page.


Sometimes there are too many little icons to fit the popub. The mention And More indicates that this is the case. If you mouseover the And More mention the full list will show up. These icons too can be mouseovered and clicked.

You may now have Lars Yencken visually similar kanji on top of those by Wanikani. The Visual Similarity Threshold parameter is in the table Content settings.

The old Make Table button has been removed. The new mini icons popups popups do a better job.

You may now display visual information on top of the popups.

  • For radicals you may add Keisei Semantic-Phonetic composition.
  • For kanji you have the choice between Keisei Semantic-Phonetic composition and stroke order diagrams.
  • For vocabulary you may have pitch info diagrams. @anon70282159 you were looking for this.
  • For radical, kanji and vocabulary you may enable stroke order popups using the Kanji Stroke Order font mentioned at the beginning of this post.

If you mouseover the items In Semantic-Phonetic Composition explanations popups will show up.


All this information may be enabled or disabled in the table Content settings.

It is now possible to display this information in popups.

  • Meaning mnemonics
  • Meaning hints
  • Reading mnemonics
  • Reading hints
  • Context Sentences
  • Meaning Notes
  • Reading Notes
  • User Synonyms

Little icons will show up. You mouseover them and the information will show in a popup.

Other but less visual information is now available.

  • Number of reviews
  • Date of last review
  • Joyo Grade
  • JLPT Level
  • Frequency


This is information for developers.

Item Inspector is released under either the GPLV3 or the MIT license with these restrictions and exceptions.

  • The license is GPLV3 because this script includes @acm2010 code and database licenced under GPLV3 for Keisei Semantic-Phonetic Composition. — The GNU General Public License v3.0 - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation

  • If you use @acm2010 code and/or database you work as a whole must be licensed under GPLV3 to comply with @acm2010 license.

  • Code borrowed from Self Study Quiz and WKOF is licensed under MIT — The MIT License | Open Source Initiative

  • You may use Item Inspector code under either the GPLV3 or MIT license with these restrictions.
    — The GPLV3 code and database borrowed from @acm2010 must remain licensed under GPLV3 in all cases.
    — The MIT code borrowed from Self Study Quiz and WKOF must remain licensed under MIT in all cases.

  • These restrictions are required because we can’t legally change the license for someone else’s code and database without their permission.

  • Not even if we modify their code.

  • The jisho.org stroke order image are available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license. Creative Commons Legal Code

  • Lars Yencken Visual Similarity data is freely available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.


With the new version the script is stuck on Item Inspector is loading the data (Tampermonkey on Firefox). In the console I’m getting:

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: fpresets is undefined
populateDropdown moz-extension://b62409e7-534c-b242-8392-198e09f45f0f/userscripts/WaniKani Item Inspector.user.js?id=bf2f1e96-3739-41da-97d8-c51c1c4133d8:8642
insertContainer moz-extension://b62409e7-534c-b242-8392-198e09f45f0f/userscripts/WaniKani Item Inspector.user.js?id=bf2f1e96-3739-41da-97d8-c51c1c4133d8:8599
initSequence moz-extension://b62409e7-534c-b242-8392-198e09f45f0f/userscripts/WaniKani Item Inspector.user.js?id=bf2f1e96-3739-41da-97d8-c51c1c4133d8:8802

Seems it’s about this fragment of code:

for (table of fpresets) {
tableList += ‘’ + table.name.replace(/</g,‘<’).replace(/>/g,‘>’) +‘’


This is such an in depth and useful script, Firefox updated this evening and it messed everything up :cry: (Currently on a MacBook Air with Firefox 83.0 64 bit)
Getting the same thing after Firefox update this evening - stuck on

Icons are clickable but no data of course.
Have uninstalled the script, restarted mac, reinstalled, still all the same.
I know nothing about coding :sweat_smile:
Thanks for your help @prouleau

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You can downgrade the script here: WaniKani Item Inspector — historia wersji. Version 1.10.3 works fine. The downside is that you’ll have to update it manually once a new version comes (Tampermonkey doesn’t update downgraded scripts automatically).


PERFECT! Thanks for that!

I also got stuck on loading! My console @prouleau

(I’ve just reinstalled the script to now avail…)

Thanks for this link as well. I’ve also downgraded the script temporarily now. :slight_smile:


Quick tip - IF you’re ok with resetting your Item Inspector settings, then removing the settings file fixed the issue for me. A one-liner for the console that does this should be possible, might look into it later.


I’d rather not reset my settings though. I mean, I fine with using the previous version until @prouleau has a fix in the next release. So, it just feels easier to do that for a while. But thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

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All. I see I have messed up. I am very sorry about that. It worked fine on my computer but I see it does not work on yours.

I am now at the hospital away from my computer. I am responding from an Ipad loaned by the hospital. I can’t fix the problems until I am back home. That will take at least a week.

I am happy that @adr-p found a way to bring people out of trouble. I hate leaving everyone in a pickle. Thank you @adr-p.


Looking at @ekg console error this seems indeed a problem with upgrading settings to support the new temporary filters function. You may try typing the following at the console.


And then refresh your browser. This will reset your settings to their default values, but updated to work with the new features.

This will not work with @Sproingle problem which seem to be different.


The screenshot from @Sproingle looks exactly like the problem I had, and the error from @ekg is the same as the error I had, so my guess right now would be that they’re the same problem :slight_smile:


You may be right. But I wonder why the temporary filter toolbar is on the next line on @Sproingle screenshot. All the widgets should be lined up and the Item Inspector title should not be visible. If you had this symptom as well then I will say you are right and it is the same problem.

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Yup, it was the same for me. After settings reset it shows up where it should.


I might give this a shot tomorrow (its a bit late now for me), but don’t worry too much. I can still use the Item Inspector just fine in the old version! ^^

Just take care of yourself! (I posted a bit about that in the POLLs, so as to not derail things, but POLLfam thinks about you alright! <3 )


No rush! Take your time! You put a lot of time into this script and everyone can use it for free. I’m very grateful.