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November Day 1

I almost skipped out on leech training 'cause I wore myself out voting today.

The voting location is along the west side of a mountain. I live to the south. I don’t drive, and didn’t want to walk around, so I decided to go across the mountain.

The best path to take is gated off, so I took a different path. I’m used to this, but along that other path, somehow I completely missed a left turn and went right. (I’m super bad with direction.) So my quick walk to the park to vote ended up being an hours-long excursion.

Here’s my map. I started at the blue X at the bottom, in the direction of the yellow arrow. Pink line is my path, and yellow lines mark more or less where the uphills were. Blue circle is voting area.

I probably should have taken water with me!

Here’s the most steep of paths (old photograph), which is part of what wore me out! (I’m totally out of shape.)

Although, to be honest, this photo makes it look less steep than it actually is.


That said, no matter how exhausted I am, I’m still going to at least do minimal lessons! I’m not losing my 31 day streak over a little thing like this.

Today is one vocabulary word.

Lesson Meaning

I love when it’s a word where I already know the reading and meaning. Just need to pattern-recognition-attach the kanji to it.


I wanted to skip this for today, but I do have time (if I don’t read any), and my leeches went from 458 to 463, so…

My top vocabulary leeches in Apprentice right now are:

Leech Reading Meaning Notes
評判 ひょうばん fame, reputation This one I just blank on sometimes.
生地 きじ cloth, fabric The reading always gets me on this one. Since I review reading then meaning, the reading gets me there on the meaning. But I need to learn both better.
防ぐ ふせぐ to defend against I usually get the reading or the meaning right, but not both.

Leech 評判

I wasn’t expecting to see 評判 as the subject. I kind of like its usage here.

I see a lot of subtitle results use a form of 「評判いい」 (no particle). I do see a 「評判はよかった」.

And used differently:


Leech 生地

Bring on the cloth and fabric!

This usage of 生地 clearly isn’t about fabri—



I forgot to look these words up in a Japanese dictionary.

  • 「手を加えない自然のままの性質・状態。」
  • 「布・織物などの地質。また、布・織物。」

The first definition covers dough, and the second covers cloth. Got it.

From what I can find, this き reading for 生 is mostly found in names, not words. If I keep getting it wrong, I my have to put together a compilation clip of anime characters saying 生地.

Most other anime subtitle matches I’m finding are also for dough, but I did find one for cloth:


Leech 防ぐ

Three subtitles results. Two from Sailormoon episodes I haven’t watched yet. One is from Soul Eater, and includes more words I don’t know yet.

I can catch up on reading over the next few days.


Wow! Well done with your big walk and for getting out and voting! I’ve been on many accidental large walks over the years and like you I forget to take water or don’t think I’ll need it… at least you didn’t have an unsuspecting accomplice! Sometimes I’ve gone somewhere with friends and several hours later I have to say “Ok let’s turn back, I have no idea where this is leading.” :sweat_smile:


When my friend and I drive to sell at a convention in another city (or state), I’m 100% banned from being navigator.


November Day 2

My schedule’s really off today. Getting such a late start. Will have to try and get even a little reading in, but I know I’ll have a lot of catch-up to do over the next few days.


Apprentice is 72 out of 80. That’s 8 under.

Next-24-hours reviews is 127 out of 110. That’s over by 17.

Looks like I want to go easy on the lessons. Since I’m not too concerned about speed (16.5 days into level 25), and I value vocabulary lessons over kanji lessons (helps for learning learn older kanji), I’ll go with three vocabulary lessons.

Lesson Meaning
不況 recession
渡る to cross
渡す to hand over

I’m finding the new words I struggle with most in reviews are the ones I don’t find any anime subtitle results for. The ones where I do, I have a much better chance of remembering the meaning.

For today’s lessons, there are no subtitle matches for 不況. I can still look it up in a dictionary, though:

  • 「景気が悪いこと。不景気。」

I normally don’t put any effort into unknown words in a dictionary description (beyond looking them up), but due to kanji used, I have a feeling some of these may come up (in some form) in WaniKani for me soon.

Kanji Reading Meaning
景気 けいき economic climate, good (economic) times
不景気 ふけいき economic slump, depression, recession

I’m vaguely familiar with 渡る from iKnow. It’s one of those kanji I can recognize in a multiple choice list in context, but that’s it. I know the reading, so hopefully that will help with 渡る and 渡す reviews.

These scenes where I can read all the kanji are my favorites. Well, there is that 恋文 which I never would have figured out. It seems 文 is pronounced as ふみ in a lot of names.


Leeches are down from 463 yesterday to 459 today.

Upcoming leech review volume:

Date Reviews
11/03 43
11/04 71
11/05 26
Total 140

One third of my reviews tomorrow will be leeches. And the next day will be crazy with reviews due to these leeches.

I wonder whether I should spend more time on my oldest leeches or my newest. Maybe I should try both and see how things go. For today, I’ll go with older:

Item Type Leech SRS Review Date
願望 vocabulary 24 Apprentice IV 11/4/2020
妨げる vocabulary 23 Guru I 11/5/2020
指示 vocabulary 18 Apprentice IV 11/4/2020
求める vocabulary 16 Apprentice III 11/4/2020
保つ vocabulary 16 Apprentice II 11/3/2020

Leech 願望

My problem here is I see the 願 and think “request”.

This definition uses 願う (ねがう) and 望む (のぞむ). I know both words, but I’m weak at associating the kanji with them.


Leech 妨げる

I had to look this one up just now for both the reading and the meaning. It’s another kanji with three hiragana for the reading. My mnemonic only kicks on after I’ve seen the reading, in which case the meaning is remembered.

Leech 指示

I have no idea how I get this one wrong so often. I feel like I should get it right every time, and yet…

Leech 求める

I mostly get the reading wrong on this one (confusing it with the reading for 認める).

Leech 保つ

This one I forget the reading half the time, and the meaning more often than that.


Do you use a specific leech script? I’m amazed how much you know about your leeches.

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I’m using “Wanikani Item Inspector”. I have it set to show the “Leeches” table, and I have an export set to give certain columns. I export to clipboard, and paste into a spreadsheet for filtering to decide which ones I want to work on.


You are totally my hero … I didn’t know this existed…and when WK abanded the API1 and the old exporting method I was tinkering with died (while it worked was really a huge pain) …couldn’t get the list of my leeches…this script is 200% better and just plain awesome!


Even if my leech-combating ultimately fails, I’ll know the whole of it was not in vain =D


you’re leech battles mirror my own…but by far you seem to spend way more time trying to fix them than I do…saw the post the other day with an hour on a single item…I already have too much to do :sweat_smile:

Yeah, I’m going to have to find some way to limit my time per items. Spending too long on a leech won’t do me much good.

I hope I’ll be able to develop some manner of system to determine how much time I’d spend on a leech, and use that to target the leeches that where I can learn the most in the least amount of time.

But I can also see myself spending way too much time writing code to facility something like that…

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November Day 3

I’m a teeny bit catching up with my reading for the week, but not quite there yet.


I used up all my free time on math and logarithms, so I’m just doing one quick vocabulary lesson, and no leeches today.

Lesson Meaning
光景 spectacle

No time for anime lookups.


Although I’m not putting my reading numbers in this daily log anymore, “Flying Witch” is once again giving me words I’m leaning (shown in red below) and ones I’m having trouble with (shown in blue below). From today’s reading:




November Day 4


Apprentice is 73 out of 80. That’s under by 7, which is good.

Next-24-hours reviews is 75 out of 110. That’s under by 35, which is very good.

Since I want to focus on leeches a bit, I’ll keep today’s lesson count low, with one kanji and one vocabulary.

Lesson Meaning
景況 business climate

Not surprisingly, no subtitle results for 景況.


Back to leeches today. I was last at 459, and now I’m up to 464. Of these, 55 are coming up in the next day and a half.

My focus for today will be:

Item Type Leech SRS Review Date
作業 vocabulary 32 Apprentice III 11/5/2020
用意 vocabulary 24 Apprentice III 11/5/2020
勇む vocabulary 16 Apprentice IV 11/5/2020
子守歌 vocabulary 15 Apprentice III 11/5/2020

Leech 作業

  • 「仕事をすること。また、仕事。特に、製作や操作の仕事。」

“A workplace, especially manufacture and operation.”

Seems straight-forward enough, yet I always get it wrong. I think in my mind, when I see WaniKani’s alternate meanings “operation, manufacturing”, I think of the business, the workplace, and not the act of working itself.

Leech 用意

  • 「ある事に備えて気を配ること。用心。また、準備。支度。」

“Prepare for a certain thing, and be watchful.”

This is another where I feel like I should know the meaning, but I blank out on it when it comes up for review. I end up thinking of the meanings of other kanji.

I normally think of “prepare” as being like “take water with you before climbing the mountain, in case you take multiple wrong turns and end up way off course, not that that will necessarily happen”.

However, it looks like 用意 may be more like “prepare yourself for something that is going to happen for certain”.

Another anime example has where a victory celebration has been prepared for, and they’re just waiting for the guest of honor. In another series, someone says they’ll have something prepared by the next class. Elsewhere, a barista asks another to prepare a plate.

That’s about the limit of my time for today. Have some things to work on, so any free time will go to reading.


November Day 5


Apprentice is 74 out of 80. That’s under by 6.

Next-24-hours reviews is 129 out of 110. That’s over by 19.

I’m going with minimum lessons today, just one vocabulary word.

Lesson Meaning

Same meaning and reading as the kanji? Should be easy enough!


Leeches have gone from 464 to 457.

Tomorrow is sitting at 94 reviews, of which 80 are leeches (85%).

My worst leeches coming up for review tomorrow are:

|自由|vocabulary|33|Apprentice IV|
|住人|vocabulary|22|Apprentice IV|
|保険|vocabulary|25|Apprentice IV|
|敗れる|vocabulary|23|Apprentice III|
|正確|vocabulary|25|Apprentice IV|
|別れる|vocabulary|18|Apprentice IV|

The Three れる’s

I constantly have trouble with distinguishing 別れる and 割れる and 敗れる. I also have trouble with 別れる and 割る.

It looks like the first thing I need to remember is 刂 means division or separation. That should be enough to not mix 敗れる with the others.

Then it’s わ vs わか. I’ve got nothing here (WK mnemonics don’t help me any for these), so I’ll try to think of the left-hand side of 別 (the 口 over 刀) as looking like a simplified わ over か.

Leech 自由

Looking at this in my list of leeches, I was able to get the reading and meaning right. Here’s hoping that keeps up.

  • 「他からの束縛を受けず、自分の思うままにふるまえること。」

Leech 住人

I always think 主人 when I see this one. I’m not certain how I’ll get it right, but maybe now that I’ve seen the two words in one place, I can better remember how to tell the difference.

Leech 保険

Reading is easy, but I always get it mixed up with another word for the meaning. I need to focus on the “insurance” meaning.

It’s probably no wonder that this uses the same kanji as another leech (保つ). I managed to burn the kanji, but I often feel it’s as if I never encountered it before. (I also have trouble with 生保, 保証, and 保存. A clear trend.)

Leech 正確

  • 「正しくて確実なこと。」

I seem to confuse this one with 正解. I know せいかい is correct, but forget that せいかく is certain.

…and has been the case this week, I’m up against the clock. Gotta get a laptop prepped for replacing its CPU, and still need to get today’s reading in.


Listing out your leeches like that is a great idea! I’m thinking I might do something similar for ones I miss a lot, inspired by you. :smiley:

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All these Cardcaptor Sakura screenshots you’re posting are making me want to rewatch it again for like the 4th time :sweat_smile:

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November Day 6


The word 作業 seems has come up in my manga reading each day since I reviewed it as a leech. Maybe it was there in my reading before, and I never connected it with the word in WaniKani due to having a misconception of what the given English word meant. Now that I know what 作業 really means, it stands out when I see it.


I’m also seeing a lot of 割れる and 別れる showing up in my manga reading since last night. (And my method of telling わ from わか is holding up well, although most of what I read has furigana.)



Also had a 用意 come up:


Apprentice is 66 out of 80. That’s 14 under. Good, good.

Next-24-hours reviews is 73 out of 110. That’s 37 under, very nice!

I’d like to think it’s my leech training that’s bringing the numbers down, but it’s probably due to doing minimal lessons more than anything.

Although today’s reviews were a bit exhaustive, tomorrow count is low enough that I can do three vocabulary lessons. (Although being a weekend, I’ll probably miss doing afternoon reviews, and have at least one big review session…)

Lesson Meaning
投票する to vote
景観 scenery
全景 complete view

It’s always a good review session when I can accurately guess the readings from the kanji.


Leeches have gone from 457 to 453.

The overall numbers aren’t changing much. This is to be expected. Just getting a leech correct once or twice doesn’t remove its status as a leech. I wonder what would be the best way to view leech progress. Maybe apprentice only?

Going by SRS level, it looks like I have 53 leech cards in Apprentice:


However, it seems I will have encountered all 453 leeches in reviews at least once over the next month. Maybe I’ll keep looking at the overall number for now, even though I’ll focus on reviewing the next leeches coming up in reviews.

I’ll have 54 leeches for review tomorrow. I don’t want to even look at the Masters, because if I don’t remember them, then I want to get them wrong on the reviews.

Looking at Apprentice only brings me down to 27, which is still to many to look up and learn better in one day. Filtering out radicals and kanji (leaving vocabulary only) brings that down to 20 cards. Further removing the lowest leech value items leaves me with a more manageable list:

Item Type Leech SRS
常識 vocabulary 23 Apprentice IV
得体 vocabulary 15 Apprentice I
治安 vocabulary 14 Apprentice IV
支度 vocabulary 13 Apprentice IV
表現 vocabulary 12 Apprentice I

Leech 常識

The reading typically is easy enough. The meaning is where I get caught. I think “honest” (正直) when it’s “common sense”.

I need to remember that 常 means “usual”, as in “common sense”.

Leech 得体

I often forget the reading. And the meaning. Too bad the only subtitle matches for this are for anime episodes I haven’t watched yet (and won’t reach any time soon).

Dictionary definition says:

  • 「正体。本性。」

That unfortunately doesn’t help me much… May have to look up sentences that use it outside of material I’m familiar with. Will see if brute force SRSing it is sufficient for now.

Leech 治安

This one I feel I get right every time until I don’t see it for a week, then it’s completely forgotten. Sometimes I remember the reading, but the meaning I always forget until I see it. I often forget about 治 also having the meaning of “rule”.

No anime subtitle matches for this one.

Leech 支度

This word came up in the dictionary definition for 用意, so I wonder how similar the two are.

  • 「準備。用意。」
  • 「外出の時、身なりを整えること。」
  • 「食事を調えること。」

I’m very familiar with 準備. If I can think of this and 用意 and 支度 as being a trio, then really I just need to remember the reading.

She says 支度 so fast in the above scene that I can barely make it out.

Her big brother speaks 支度 a lot more clearly.

I’m really feeling that third dictionary definition.

On the positive side, she’s not referring to preparing food. On the negative side, she’s half-asleep, so she’s mumbling a bit.

Leech 表現

I seem to be able to remember the reading about half the time, but on meaning I confuse whether this is “figure of speech” or “outward appearance” (外観). I know, the two have nothing in common except for 見. I need to remember that the latter has 外 (outside), and the former has 表 (expression).

Now on to reading for the night.


I got really lucky with that word. I learnt it during one of my evening lessons, finished my reviews and went to watch a Gintama episode and Katsura used it within the first 10-ish minutes of the episode.


November Day 7


Apprentice is down to 50. I look forward to seeing it get even lower.

Next-24-hours reviews is 83. Glad to see it’s staying under 100.

I’ll focus on all vocabulary lessons again today. At 21 days into level 25, I’m clearly in no hurry to level up.

Lesson Meaning
響く to echo
影響 influence
前景 foreground


My leeches have worked their way down to 450.

On October 31st, I wrote that I had 571. On November 1st I wrote that my leeches went up from 458 to 463. I’m not certain where I got the 571 one from, so I’ll consider my “starting point” to be when my leeches climbed up to 463.

With 463 as my baseline, that puts me down by 13 leeches in one week. That’s almost two a day. At this rate, I should be able to get through the remaining 450 in seven to eight months!

Well, hopefully it won’t take that long. As I noted yesterday, any leeches I get right in a review remain in a leech status. What’s important for me is to track my Apprentice leeches.


Yesterday, I had 53 Apprentice leeches. Today, it’s at 37, which is a drop of 16 Apprentice leeches! If I can get it to drop even just five per day, the rest of the Apprentice leeches could be gone (moved to Guru) in just over a week.

I’m not expecting any miracles, but that would be better progress than I ever could have imagined. Half the reason I didn’t start leech training sooner was because I figured I’d be struggling with it for six months just to take out a quarter of my leeches. (That may still prove to be the case, though!)

I have 52 leeches due for review tomorrow. As per usual, I’m avoiding doing leech reviews for Guru and especially Master. I don’t want those to move forward only because I reviewed them one day before.

That brings me down to 24 Apprentice leeches due for review tomorrow. Still a bit number, but if I exclude those with small leech values, I can get it down to my current five biggest problem leeches:

Item Type Leech SRS
kanji 25 Apprentice III
kanji 26 Apprentice IV
保つ vocabulary 21 Apprentice II
保存 vocabulary 34 Apprentice IV
省く vocabulary 22 Apprentice IV

Good news is, I have so few vocabulary words among my Apprentice leeches that I can include some kanji. I don’t yet know the best way to handle them, so I’ll start with vocabulary.

Leech 保つ

Yeah, it’s back. I have the reading down for now, but still fail to remember the meaning. Part of the problem is the anime scene I did a screenshot for is a scene I completely forget existed. When reading the anime’s source manga (in English), I stopped reading before reaching that part (because I started putting time into reading manga in Japanese).

Maybe checking out the dictionary definition will help, although I don’t think understanding the meaning is an issue:

  • 「その状態や事物を変わらない状態で、持ちこたえる。」

Sounds about right.

I just need to remember that it’s about maintain a certain state.

Leech 保存

Here another one of those 保 words that I have trouble with. I can get the reading if I take a while to think of it, but I often get the meaning wrong.

  • 「そのままの状態を保つようにして、とっておくこと。」

This one is the concept if trying to maintain a certain state. It seems like the kanji “maintain” and “exist” should be sufficient enough to remember this. (I’ll try thinking of 保 as “maintain” rather than “preserve”, and hope that doesn’t cause me any issues.)

Now there’s a use I wouldn’t have thought of. 保存する for saving a computer file. If at all possible, I need to try and remember that one.

Leech 省く

Sometimes I get the reading right, but not always. Occasionally I’ll remember the meaning, but not usually. I feel like a lot of these leeches, I’ve almost memorized what I get wrong about them rather than memorizing the reading and meaning…

  • 「取り除いて減らす。簡略にする。」

I notice “One Week Friends” has a line containing 「手間が省ける」. And in an episode of “Sailormoon”, I see 「手間が省けた」.

Looks like 手間(てま) is “labor”, so 「手間が省ける」 is sort of “to save the bother”, as in to keep someone from having to go through the bother of doing something.

Leech 折

I confuse this one with 祈. If I can keep that in mind, to look for either 扌 or ネ, I may be able to get it right.

Leech 資

Reviewing the WaniKani mnemonic unfortunately doesn’t seem to help me with this one…


November Day 8


Apprentice is down to 47. Seems like I’m about ready for some kanji lessons.

Next-24-hours reviews is 91. It’s climbing back up, but over 50 of those are Guru and Master reviews.

I’ll ease back into kanji lesson slowly. Today, it’s one kanji, two vocabulary.

Lesson Meaning
訴える to sue
告訴 accusation


Total leeches are back up a little, from 450 to 454.

However, Apprentice leeches have gone from 47 to 36.


Of course, I’m always one review session away from Guru-grade leeches returning to Apprentice. I’ll have 51 leeches for review tomorrow, and 29 of those are either Guru or Master.

Among the 22 Apprentice, if I exclude those with a lower leech level, that gives me the following for today:

Item Type Leech SRS
根本 vocabulary 14 Apprentice III
kanji 21 Apprentice III
kanji 9 Apprentice III
kanji 44 Apprentice IV

Leech 根本

This one’s returned since it first came up on leech review day -1 (that is, October 31).

I feel I need this one to come up in manga. Or maybe I need to download all available anime subtitles (that are available on DVD), find matches, then buy and watch whatever anime use this word…

I located subtitles for some more anime series I own on DVD and have watched, and that increase the number of results for 根本 by one: another 根本的. I wonder if I should I look further into this 根本的, which WaniKani does not teach…

Word  Reading English Dictionary
根本 ねもと root, foundation 「物事がそこから出発して成り立っている、一番大切なもと。」
根本的 こんぽんてき fundamental, basic 「物事がそれによって成り立つおおもとに及んでいるさま。」

I’m still feeling really weak on this one. I’m not certain where to go with it. I get the concepts of “foundation” and and “fundamental”, but don’t seem to be able to connect “foundation” with “根本”.

Leech 提

I’m still trying to figure how best to handle kanji. They’re less tangible than vocabulary words.

The issue that comes up with 提 is I think “accept” rather than “present”. I feel if I can think 「提供」 when this one comes up, maybe I’ll get it right. I’ve known the meaning of ていきょう for quite some time now.

Leech 返

I feel like I should know this one, but it keep returning… I think part of the problem is I don’t associate the reading へん with “return”. I’m somewhat familiar with へんじ, so maybe I can keep that in mind? Then again, I’m not so familiar with its kanji, 返事…

Leech 直

If there’s one kanji that I feel I should know yet get wrong the most, it’s gotta be 直.

When I look at this kanji, I think ちょく and “direct”. So how do I get it wrong repeatedly…?


November Day 9


Apprentice is at 48. I’m liking it being around this level. And yet my number of daily reviews doesn’t feel significantly less than when Apprentice where in the 90’s. (Maybe a daily review reduction of about 25%.)

Next-24-hours reviews is only 76. (Okay, so the reduction’s closer to 45% today.)

I’m aiming for three vocabulary today. I don’t want to increase it too much until I can see some clear results from leech training. And I want to start holding off on kanji a little so I don’t have too long between Guru’ing a kanji and learning a vocabulary using that kanji.

Lesson Meaning
訴訟 lawsuit
女優 actress
革命家 revolutionary

I was able to guess all the readings, which is a good sign.


Total leeches are at 452, but that number won’t move much. My focus is on Apprentice leeches for now.

My Apprentice leeches have gone up from 36 to 37.


I have 100 reviews set for tomorrow. Of those, 45 are leeches. That’s nearly half!

Of those leeches, 22 are Apprentice. And of those, the most troublesome ones are:

Item Type Leech SRS
kanji 22 Apprentice II
kanji 9 Apprentice III
非常 vocabulary 12 Apprentice III
容易 vocabulary 12 Apprentice III
脱税 vocabulary 10 Apprentice III
自覚 vocabulary 42 Apprentice IV

Leech 提

Yeah, I got 提 wrong after it was on my list yeterday. I mistook the meaning as “offer” rather than “present”. At least I was successful in thinking of ていきょう as I had planned…

Leech 賞

This is another “I know this, yet I got it wrong again” kanji. I think I may have mistaken it with 営, which is a mistake that shouldn’t happen. Worst part is, I wasn’t going too fast. I had to stop and think on this one and couldn’t figure out either the reading or the meaning, even though I felt like it was an easy one that I should get right away.

Leech 非常

I always have trouble remembering whether “emergency” is 非常 or 非常に.

For the latter, I think to think of 非 (un-) + 常 (usual) = 非常 (unusual). And in that case, 非常に would be “unusually”, which is essentially “very”. (“Today is unusually cold” and “Today is very cold” mean different things, but are similar in meaning.)

For the former, the dictionary says:

  • 「一通りでないこと。はなはだしいこと。」
  • 「ふだんと異なること。思い設けぬ異常なこと。」

The first definition (paired with に) covers the “usually” meaning.

The second definition says “thing of differing from the usual” and “thing of unexpected abnormality/disorder”. Well, now we’re getting somewhere.

It’s something not usual, not the expected.

No anime subtitles for this one, so I have to hope I can remember it with that alone.

Leech 容易

Every time I get this one wrong, I felt I should have known it. (Happens with a lot of reviews, and yet…) It’s the reading I get wrong, not the meaning.

All the anime subtitle matches are for 容易い, except for one that’s an episode of Sailormoon I haven’t reached yet. (It almost makes me feel like maybe I shouldn’t be too concerned with this word…)

Leech 脱税

I’m weak on both 脱 and 税. And I’ve watched no anime on tax evasion. (Plus I’ve never played the Wii release of Fortune Street. Pay your taxes, Yoshi.)

I think I just need to brute force this one. Keep getting it wrong until I get it right enough times.

Leech 自覚

This one is another of my true arch-nemesis leeches. I only recently got the reading down, but the meaning often gets confused with other, similar words.

  • 「自分自身について、はっきりと知ること。」
  • 「自分の状態・地位・任務・価値がどんなものかを、よくわきまえること。そのわきまえ。」
  • 「自分で感じ取ること。」

It’s listed in WaniKani as “consciousness” and “awareness”, but I think it’ll help for me to think of it as “self-consciousness” and “self-awareness”. Maybe that’s all it’ll take?


The non-official puzzle sub-thread (tucked away in a very unrelated other thread) reminded me that I have a Sailormoon puzzle I never had room to put together. I got it in 1997, meaning I’ve had that sealed box in my possession for more than half my life.

Since I own a home now, I actually have room to put a puzzle together! So about a week ago, I got started on it. The next photos a few days outdated, but it shows where some of my reading time has gone…


I have no idea what I’m going to do with it once I finish it…

(This has nothing to do with learning Japanese, but it’s Sailormoon, the series I’m reading through in Japanese, and am slowly watching through in Japanese, so it belongs.)


Between leech training and puzzle assembling, I’ve been doing the bare minimum of reading. I’m hoping to increase that in December, getting another volume of Aria in, getting to the second/final volume of Croisée, and there’s my latest why-is-this-not-available-digitally arrival:

Since listening to the anime went better than expected, I decided I’d give the manga adaptation a shot. I’ve read it in English previously, but that was a long time ago.

But for now, I’m going to go get some book club reading in.