[Userscript] Wanikani Item Inspector

Other people (me for example) prefer to have it higher. It is difficult to get below Heatmap and Leaderboard. These scripts position themselves at the very bottom of the page. Someone has to give in.

Ah I see. I will make a personal adjustment instead. Thank you for creating a very useful script!
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Where exactly do I set the 1.01 filter value? It’s not in settings on the website, so I suppose it’s in the script itself, but there’re so many filters that I’m not sure which one is needed. Right now it shows me the items even with 0, even though I guess it wasn’t supposed to?

If it displays items with 0 the most probable cause is the Leech Training parameter has been set to 0.

Here is where you go to the proper setting. First you must open the Settings dialog like this.

Next you go to the Tables tab and make sure the Leech table is selected. Otherwise you will set the setting for some other table.


Finally you go to the Filters tab and change the Leech Training parameter.


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Found out that I didn’t install additional filters, works now.

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Version 1.3.0 is available at the installation link at the beginning of the top post.

This version adds features to help you track better the learning of your leeches.

I have added streak statistics for meaning and reading. This is the number of consecutive times you answer correctly a review. A streak of 0 means you have failed the last review. you may configure this information in the table or in the tooltips.


I have added a parameter Leech Streak Limit for not displaying an item if both the reading and meaning streaks is greater or equal to this value. For example if you set this parameter to 3 then the item will not display in the table if you have answered correctly both the reading and meaning three times in a row. The goal is to accelerate the discovery of when a leech is no longer a leech. The leech formula may take a long time before your streak is long enough to remove an item from the leech table. You may use this feature to accelerate the process.


@inspectatoro with your number of leeches perhaps this information may be useful to you.


Hey @prouleau, I think I’ve found a bug. Every time I return to the homepage, it seems it resets my leech threshold to 1. When I go to the settings, the value shows 2, but if I hit “save,” I have leeches go away.

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Yes this is a known issue that nags me. The workaround is to display another table and return to the Leech table afterwards. The parameter will be OK the second time.

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Ahehehehe! Thanks I guess? Way to call me out like that PRouleau-さん. Nobody needs to know I have that many leeches


In that case you shouldn’t have posted a screenshot up in this thread where everybody can see the actual number. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: You even underlined it in red


C’mon I have a reputation to uphold here…


I have an issue, but I’m not sure if it’s bug or intended to be this way (or maybe I just do something wrong).
So, I use 1.01 filter, but every time I refresh the page (or just come to do reviews) it get’s like this, changing 1.01 to 1,01 automatically without my wish for it. As a result, filter doesn’t work as it recognizes only dot and I need to change it manually every time I’m online. Is there anything I can do on my end to fix it?


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Thanks for reporting. This is normal. It doesn’t affect the ability of the script to use the intended parameter.

I suspect, please check and confirm, that you are probably hit by another bug that is nagging me. When you refresh the page the script uses the default of 1 instead of the configured parameter. This is probably why you perceive the parameter as being gone. The workaround is to display another table and return to the leech table afterwards. The correct parameter will be used the second time. You should do this until I find a fix for the bug.

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Just checked and yes, the workaround you described helps, so I guess this is exactly the bug you suspected. Thanks for a fast reply, will wait for the fix! :pray:t2:

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Version 1.3.1 is available. You may download it at the link at the beginning of the top post.

This version fixes the bug reported by @ShotgunLagoon and @_ishi See the posts above in this thread. I know that @Faun is also affected by this bug.


Hell yeah!! Thanks! : )

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Thank you!

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Version 1.3.2 is now released. Download it at the link at the beginning of the top post.

This version implements table state memory. This is when you refresh your dashboard or when you go do lessons or reviews, upon returning to the dashboard you will find the table in the same state as it was. Previously the state of the table was reinitialized.

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Version 1.3.3 is now released. Download it at the link at the beginning of the top post.

This fixes a minor bug introduced with version 1.3.2. Now when you click the save button in the settings panel it will reset your table position at the beginning. Clicking the cancel button leaves the table position unchanged.

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Version 1.3.4 is now released. Download it at the link at the beginning of the top post.

This is a new features release.

The number of tooltip elements is increased from four to six.

You may now specify the sort order, Ascending or Descending for sort criteria.

New information is now available for table data and tooltip.



A new setting allows to select the position of Item Inspector on the dashboard. Big thanks to @Kumirei who showed me how to do it.


@inspectatoro you may now place Item Inspector at the bottom of the screen as you asked.

Known bugs:

There is a minor incompatibility with the Leaderboard script. If you select Below panels and you have Leaderboard Item Inspector will install between Leaderboard and the panels.

There is also an incompatibility between Item Inspector and Heatmap Beta 3.0.7.

  • If both Heatmap and Item Inspector are positioned at the Bottom position Heatmap will crash.
  • Also, if you have Remove Useless Panels and you Position Item Inspector at the Bottom position, Heatmap will crash if positioned Below panels.

These bugs do not affect the current Heatmap V2 so if you are not participating in the BETA there is no problem.

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