Selected Kanji Review Lesson?

If your aim is to get better as similar kanji, there are 2 specific tools that are great.

Number one is the Item Inspector that allows you to create lists of kanji you’ve learnt and then hover over them to get similar looking kanji as a pop up for easy study, reminding you of not confusing these.

Here’s the link to @prouleau’s script page. ^^

But, as you get further along, you’ll also likely get more and more leeches, items you can’t seem to keep moving up the SRS before they fall down.

@rosshendry’s Shin WaniKani Leech Trainer Link to Greasy Fork Shin WaniKani Leech Trainer is great for the purpose of getting quizzed while also similar-looking kanji get thrown into the mix, though the Item Inspector also comes with it’s specific leech training quizzes. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your studies!