What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

Huh? isn’t that just a stats report page?
with main page I mean there, under the kanjis:

You have to go to the Items > Wanikani submenu.


There you can have a list of items. To have what you want you click on Open Config and have the items grouped by level and item type.


Once you have done that the report will display like this:

This screenshot shows just level 1 but you have the info for all levels.

But that only shows it on this wkstats page
not when I go to WaniKani — Log in
At least that doesn’t change anything on my dashboard.

Correct. This is the exact link I gave you.

I believe you don’t really know what I mean, I wanna see this on my Wanikani dashboard, not on a statistic page. I wanted to know if there is an userscript that makes them appear on dashboard right under the kanji. NOT at wkstats ^^

You didn’t say so. I thought you just wanted the information. I am not aware of such a script. Be aware that this will display around 190 vocab items per level which takes a lot of room on the dashboard.

The closest that I know of is the Item Inspector script that I wrote. It does not display a list of icons like you want but you can configure it to display a table of vocabulary items for the current level on your dashboard. If you are willing to settle for this I can help you setting up the configuration that you need.

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i said several times „main page“ of wanijani and even showed you a picture.
But anyway thanks for trying to help. I will try out the script thanks

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I used this one for a long time (until I got to 60). Not sure if it still works, but you could give it a try


Sadly it doesn’t seem to work anymore but thank you very much!

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Here is the procedure to get the configuration that will do what you want.

You need to go to the setting dialog as follow:

Once in the settings you should create a new table. Don’t delete the existing tables because they will become handy eventually. To create the table you must go on the Tables tab, then click on the New button. A Table called <untitled> will show up. You should rename it to Vocabulary or whatever name you prefer using the Edit Table Name field…


Once this is done you should make the Vocabulary table the default table, that is the table that displays when you start Wanikani and when you refresh the browser. You do this by clicking the up arrow until the table is in the top position.


Then you need to configure filters. You must make sure the Vocabulary table is selected and then you go to the Filters tab. There you click on the Item Type cleckbox to enable this filter. You select Vocabulary to display the vocabulary items. You also click on the Level checkbox to enable this filter. Then you enter +0 to select the current level. It is important that you have the + sign, a plain 0 won’t work. You leave all the other filters checkboxes unchecked because otherwise these filters will get in the way. This configuration will select all vocabulary items for your current level.

Then you go on the Contents tab to select which information will be displayed in the table along with the vocabulary items. There are many options you can explore. I suggest you begin with the ones displayed below. It is important that you leave the Random Selection at 0, otherwise the table won’t display all vocabulary items.


I hope this configuration will suit your needs.


Thank you very much

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I’m looking for a user script which will play the audio for a word multiple times (instead of just once) after I get it right in a review (to improve retention). Seen anything like this?

UPDATE: Never mind… I just realized I can just hit J and it’ll play again (and again and again if I want)

Now that I can play the audio easily J, I’d love a script which would enable the “Play audio” button after I guess the meaning correctly, but only if I’ve already answered the reading correctly too. :slight_smile:

There is this script which has the ability to auto play the audio on meaning if you already answered the reading


thank you!

WaniKani Review Audio Tweak is really helpful. The more times I hear the audio, the easier it is for me to remember.

Would love to have a similar script which plays the audio for Kanji (instead of vocab). Seems like this would help with retention as well.


Is there audio recordings for the kanjis somewhere? I don’t find any in Wanikani. Without such recordings I don’t see how such a script would be possible.

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Is there an extension that allows you to only review items at different SRS levels? Sometimes I’ll try to do my Apprentice reviews multiple times a day but I’ll get bogged down by things I guru’d last week popping up again in my review pile.

Good point - that could be complicated. Could probably get some of them from the corresponding single-kanji vocabulary, but not all of them…

I was hoping perhaps this was a common request, and someone wanted it enough to do the work to find all the recordings… :slight_smile:

Have you checked out the self-study quiz script?