After 2 Years, I'm finally at Lvl.60

Oh, Hi everyone! How are you doing? This is probably the first time you’ve heard of me, since I have only read through the forums, but never actually engaged in any discussions. So that’s why I feel like now is the best time to show my appreciation to you guys.

With a Lvl.60 celebration post!

It all started around 4 Years ago at the end of 9th grade when I decided to teach myself Hiragana and Katakana through a YouTube video. I got interested in Japanese because Anime in its native Language just sounded way more awesome than the English or German (My mother tongue) synchronization. So why not learn it!

So the first thing I tried was Memrise for a year and Duolingo for a little more but I never clicked with them. Sure, I learned some Japanese sentences, but that was it.
I memorized the sentences but never learned to understand the sentences.
It only gave me the Illusion of learning.
I also found Kanji Study afterwards, which looked promising but was better to be used in combination with some other resource like a Textbook or your Japanese Classes.

It was in January of 2020 when I stumbled upon this Guide by Tofugu (Learn Japanese: A Ridiculously Detailed Guide) which basically opened the doors for many new possibilities to me and also the place, that I first heard of WaniKani.
WaniKani just clicked with me from the moment I first tried it. The SRS System was so carefree and easy to learn Kanji with that it just hooked me in and so I never stopped. I never skipped a day of reviewing, through this entire 2 Year journey. So now, after 757 days I have finally reached at lvl. 60.

To be honest, I’m a bit relieved that it’s finally over. I’m now in 13’th Grade and my final exams are coming up in about 2/3 Months. So, I need as much Time and Energy as I can get.
Sure, I still do my daily reviews, but there won’t be any lessons to do anymore.
That is why I’m relieved.

Over my journey, I have learned a few things, that I’d like to give you on your journey, that will not only make your journey better but also warn you of major roadblocks that you might encounter.

The Scipts That I use

No particular order, they all are useful.

Just Look at These Awesome Stats

I wonder what Happened at Lvl. 31…

that 760/760 Streak though.

Other resources I use




Some Heartfelt Advice

Don’t try to rush through the Levels!
You shouldn’t expect, that you are going to finish with Wanikani within a year of starting.
Something like that takes a huge amount of time out of your day and should only be considered if you have absolutely nothing else to do in that year. Because that is exactly what I tried to do at
lvl. 14, where I tried to rush through Levels as fast as possible and used Double Check to cheat not only the system but also myself.
All those items came crashing down over the span of lvl. 23 to 30 when in the end, I had 500 Items in my Apprentice and it started to become unbearable, so I had to make a 4 Month lesson break until I finally felt comfortable again. Even after that, my reviews still weren’t completely fixed and it wasn’t until lvl. 40, when I got back a normal review amount.

I now made the rule, that if my apprentice Items got above 120, then I’m not doing any more lessons and I should focus on doing my reviews first.

Don’t be me and instead try to go at a pace, that you feel comfortable with.

Oh, and one more thing!
don’t you dare skip out on the vocabulary!
I’ve seen some of yall doing that, to rush through the levels. But why?
You are basically missing out on half the meaning of almost every Kanji, as well as the many different uses of that Kanji. It boggles my mind, how people see this as an acceptable strategy of using Wanikani.

What to do now...

First of all, I’m going to burn all the remaining Items and probably add the new items that are going to be added in future updates. But Wanikani will probably be put in the background, while I focus on other elements. Wanikani was my main focus until now. So now that I’m done with that, I’ll have more time to focus on grammar and general listening and reading comprehension instead. I’ll also hopefully try myself in actual Japanese conversations. I heard VRChat is a great place for that. I’d be happy for recommendations.

Big thank you to the people who created Wanikani and to all of you guys who make this community an awesome place to be a part of.







Very good advice. :smiley::+1:



You have proven to yourself that you have the dedication and patience necessary to learn Japanese to whatever level of proficiency you want.
I want to encourage you to take those abilities and continue to improve your Japanese even without Wanikani - we are in the same boat here. Best of luck to you!


Congrats on making it to lv 60! :partying_face: :tada: :birthday: You’re now among the choosen ones! :wink:

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You Are The First Person I Saw Who Started Studying Japanese from 9th grade .
You Are The Person I Am Literally Trying To Be.
Anyways Huge Congratulation


Congrats! Absolutely agree with you that skipping vocab is mind boggling because for the first half of WK vocab were my favorite part of WK.

Anyways, they have 13’th grade from where you’re from? :exploding_head:


Congrats!!! :cake::birthday::cake::birthday::cake::birthday:

Meanwhile I took a 2-year break in my WK journey and have now started again from the beginning :sob::smiling_face_with_tear::joy:

Have some other Cake too :wink:
(it’s a great song)


Well here in Germany, I could have stopped at 10’th grade and just applied for a job.
But I instead chose another 3 years of school to get the so-called “Abitur” which is the requirement if you want to go to university.


If I was able to do it, then you can do it too!
Just take your time and don’t try to rush it.
But don’t forget to do your daily reviews.
Then all should be fine.


Congrats on level 60! Good job :slight_smile:


I started studying Japanese in 10th Grade, and was able to take actual Japanese courses in 11th & 12th. But then I got lazy with it and decided to learn how to produce music. But I’m back in for real this time. I don’t know your level of Japanese, so this might not be helpful, but WaniKani doesn’t teach much grammar. So I really would recommend Human Japanese, and Human Japanese Intermediate in addition to this. They are very cheap. The author of those also has a subscription service called Satori Reader for level appropriate reading material. It’s recommended that you go through the Human Japanese apps first though.


I’m Checking It Out

I signed up with Satori Reader after someone recommended somewhere in Wanikani and loved it ever since.


Wirst du nach dem Abitur Japanologie studieren?


Ich werde jetzt erst mal eine Ausbildung antreten.
Hatte nie gewusst, dass es ein Studium für speziell Japanisch gibt. Danke für den Hinweis.

Ich weiß aber auch echt nicht, ob ich mich auf Japanisch so sehr speialisieren will, oder ob es für mich nur ein hobby beleiben sollte.
Ich habe das Gefühl, wenn ich es ernsthalf angehen lasse, dass ich dann plötzlich keine Lust mehr auf Japanisch habe, weil es durch den Studienstress zu anstregnend wird.
Die frage wäre auch, was mir das studium für die Zukunft bringen würde?

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big congrats!
very good mature advice as well. i can hardly believe you started when hardly older than my oldest child. i’d be delighted if he dove into something like this.

cake of course! well deserved and all the best in continuing your learning journey.


Thank you for all the cake by the way.
What’s there not to love about cake?
I’ll be receiving my cake in about 20 days since that is my Birthday and I’ll be combining that with the WaniKani cake.
Hopefully, I won’t forget to post it when the time comes.

That Image of best boi Cú just made my day. Thank you!


Congrats! May I ask what you consider your Japanese level to be? Which JLPT level, your speaking and reading level, etc.

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