Strategies for dealing with continually confusing kanji pairs

This is called interference is is a major issue for most in language learning, not just Japanese, but for us focusing on kanji it’s a returning issue for sure.

There are some tools that might help you work with this, as you might need to do some extra cramming to keep kanji apart in your head. Because, this issue, is an accumulative one. It’s easier when knowing less kanji, and the more you learn, the more only have one radical difference between them = easy to confuse.

Scripts that have helped me a lot is

You can hover over kanji in the list and it shows up visually similar kanji for quick access to this info and quick extra learning.

During lessons, you’ll see other kanji listed related semantic-phonetically, which essentially means they use the same radicals = visually similar. So, when learning kanji for the first time, you can become aware early on, that there will appear contenders for similar appearance, that means something else.

Finally, the Item Inspector has a quiz mode that throws visually similar items at you, allowing you to learn in more diverse ways and challenge yourself to recognize the differences, small as they might seem at first, to nail those pesky kanji! ^>^

it’s similar to what @rosshendry’s created for the Shin WaniKani Leech Trainer which you can find here Shin WaniKani Leech Trainer . it’s a quiz mode exclusively focused on leeches and visually similar items. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your studies!


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