Reviews in apprentice?

A good script to check the items that gives you trouble in reviews (called leeches) is Item Inspector. This script will display your leeches in a table similar to the Dashboard Leech Tables script @kloxy has pointed to but with many more features. (Disclosure: I am the author of Item Inspector)

Some of the extra features are:

  • You can single out the leeches that are in Apprentice with a temporary filter.
  • You can display the SRS level of leeches in a popup. You can check your items SRS by moving the mouse over it to reveal the popup.
  • The meaning and reading of items can be shown in a popup. You can study by reciting the meanings and readings of items and check your answers by moving the mouse over the item to reveal the popup.
  • You can play the audio of vocabulary items by clicking on them.
  • And many many more.
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