[Userscript] Wanikani Item Inspector

Version 1.9.0 is out. Download it at the link at the beginning of the top post.

Item Inspector is now integrated with Self Study Quiz. You may use Item Inspector features to select which items to be quizzed on and Self Study Quiz will quiz you on them. There are two buttons for starting Self Study Quiz from Item Inspector. If you click on either of them Self Study quiz automatically starts to quiz you.

Self Study Quiz is now a prerequisite to Item Inspector. If you have not installed it you will be prompted to install it when Item Inspector is started.

quiz1 This button will quiz you on the whole table. You may select which table with the table selection dropdown and you may use the filters to alter the items in the table. This changes the items you will be quizzed on. There are some new features (discussed below) that further limit the items in the table. When one of these features is turned on this button will quiz you on all items selected by the feature.

If you have a big table and you want to limit the size of the quiz, you may use the Maximum Quiz Size setting of Self Study Quiz.


quiz2 This button will quiz you on exactly the items displayed on the screen. You may use navigation butons to change the contents of the screen, which in turn changes the contents of the quiz. Table mode displays fewer items, this makes for a shorter quiz. For a maximum quiz size use icon mode with English meanings. This is how you get the most items on the screen.

The difference between the two buttons may be summarized as follows:

The quiz1 button quizzes on these items: Items

The quiz2 button quizzes on these items. Items

This integration changes a few details on the Self Study Quiz interface. First there is a pseudo preset called (Item Inspector) that shows up in your preset dropdown.


This preset is automatically created by the automation for the duration of the quiz. It will not show if Self Study Quiz is not started by Item Inspector. You need to have this preset selected for the integration to work. This is the default, that is this preset is automatically selected for you. If you change it you will have the wrong quiz.

Also a new filter will show up in your filter list.


This filter is establishes the communication between Item Inspector and Self-Study Quiz. It has no other use and must be turned OFF.

Some people want to study big tables, in the thousands of items. This is the case of people who want to cram their burned items. These people need to study their table piecewise, a little bit each day. There is a pair of new features that will help them do so.

Random This button makes a random selection of items. It is used to extract a random subset of the items for studying,

When in random mode the button turns green. Random If you click it in this state the random selection is turned off. The complete table is displayed again and the button reverts to its normal grey color. If it is pressed again when grey a new random selection will occur. In fact a new random selection is made every time you turn this mode on.

The semantics of the old Random Selection settings is changed.


Prior to this version 1.9.0 this settings caused a random selection to occur every time the table is displayed. Now automatic display no longer occurs. The button must be pressed. Also in prior version a value of 0 meant the random selection is disabled. This is no longer the case. A value of zero means the random selection will pick the exact number of items required to fill your screen.

In random mode the quiz1 quizzes on all randomly selected items. The quiz2 button quizzes on the random items that are displayed on the screen. Often times these are the same items because the default configuration is to fill the screen with random items. But there are configurations where there are more random items than what fits the screen.

The date button cause the items to be sorted by some date. By default the Lesson Date. This can be changed in the settings.

When items are ordered by date the navigation buttons, in effect, navigates across tranches of dates. This permits to traverse the table in a systematic fashion, studying one tranche every day. A quiz on the items displayed on the screen will study the current tranche Every time you use a navigation button a new tranche is on the screen and may be quizzed on.

Item Inspector will remember the last date position when Date Ordering Mode is used. So you may leave Date Ordering mode to do something else, and when you return the date position is recovered. This permits to resume the systematic studying by tranche of dates.

This studying procedures doesn’t work well if you select Review Date because these dates keep changing. You can’t define meaningful date tranches when using this date.

Date ordering alters the table by filtering out the items for which the date does not apply.

  • Review Date filters out items for which no review is scheduled, like Burned items.
  • Lesson Date filters out items for which no lesson has yet been taken.
  • Passed Guru Date filters out items that have not yet passed guru at least once.
  • Burned Date filters out items that have not yet been burned.
  • Resurrected Date filters out items that have never been resurrected.
  • Unlock Date filters out items that are still locked.

In Date Ordering mode the quiz1 button will quiz you on the table that results from this filtering.

When in Date ordering mode the date ordering button turns green. date If clicked when green the Date Ordering mode is turned off. The table reverts to its normal ordering and filtered out items are brought back into the table.

Date Ordering and Random Selection are mutually exclusive. If you use one the other is automatically turned off.