What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

I’m not sure if this has been mentioned already or has already been implemented (If it was, please send me a link).

I think an extension that lets users easliy modify the lesson batch sizes from the main menu (in the form of a slider or button where you can choose between the default options (I think 3 -10)) would be a very nice little implementation.

I’m not sure if other people would even be interested in that, but I do like to change the lesson batch size quite frequently (when I just want to get new radicals out of the way but don’t want to start learning the new kanji until the next day for example).

Here’s a script I just made. Let me know if it doesn’t work of you.


It works flawlessly! Thank you very much for the quick response, you are amazing.

Would it be conceivable to somehow make an extension that would allow a user to manually create their own levels or items to review beyond level 60? There are so many parts of WaniKani that I prefer to Anki, it’s hard to imagine having to go without those once I reach level 60 if I want to continue learning new kanji and vocab.

Edit: I just realized there’s already a self-study userscript that more or less does what I was looking for. My apologies.

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(If there isn’t already) I would love a script where you could attach images. Memrise has this function, and I find the visuals cues very helpful.

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Combine that with the WaniKani Item Inspector script by @prouleau and you will have…

I just want an extension where upon clicking Item info for a Kanji Review, I’ll be able to see all of the vocabulary in WaniKani which uses that Kanji.


Is there a script that notifies me when a review is up?

Or is there someway to do that that I’m missing?

I like to do reviews through the day, and I miss that feature.

Edit: Just to make myself clear, I mean notifications in the browser, like news sites do.

How about this one?



Is there a way to get like a self-study quiz for visually similar kanji? Preferably with kanji up to your current level and up to 60 as options?

If you use the Item Inspector script the Related Search filter can list the visually similar kanji and then you can click on the Self Study Quiz buttons to be quizzed on these items.

The procedure.

  • Install Item Inspector
  • Select the All Learned Items table. This will limit the search to the kanji up to your current level…
  • As an alternative Select the All Wanikani Items table to search all items up to level 60.
  • Select the Related Search filter in the temporary search dropdown
  • Configure the Items Returned By The Search option to visually similar items. You have three possibilities: Wanikani, Lars Yencken and.Niai visually similar. Pick one and configure the additional parameters to limit your search to your taste. Try various options until you are satisfied with the result.
  • Type in the Search Term box the items for which you want visually similar item.
  • Click Save. This will display the visually similar kanji on your dashboard.
  • Click on the Self-Study Quiz table button to start Self-Study Quiz on these items.

The link is coming up with an error 404 after I click install.

EDIT: Nvm. I deleted the /fr/ in the url and it turned it into Japanese (which also doesn’t make sense), but it installed after that.

EDIT 2: So I have to manually go through and input each individual kanji I want to show up in the Search Term box?

Visually similar items have to be visually similar to something, otherwise almost everything is visually similar to some random item. You need to type in what items are the reference for the visual similarity. You may type in a list of items separated by commas. This will return all items that are visually similar to the items you have typed in.

Also visual similarity works only for kanji items.

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Ah, I thought I was gonna have to manually pick every single kanji I wanted to study individually, but I see that I only need to pick one (or more) for it to generate it.


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Yes this is it.

You have three types of visually similar items

  • according to Wanikani - few similar items, very similar
  • according to Niai - many similar items, similarity can be lousy
  • according to Lars Yencken - in the middle, both number of similar items and similarity


Can someone make a super simple script? I want, in lessons, the kanji should be clickable.(but i dont mind if it works for radicals and vocab). When clicked, it should open two new tabs, one to jisho.org/search/*[kanji]* and https://jisho.org/search/[kanji]% 20%23kanji where [kanji] is the symbol you click in wanikani

EDIT: this does it, more or less

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Is there a way to generate a list of every kanji (with reading) and vocabulary on Guru+?

I want to send it to my teacher, so she can use it in my lessons, but I couldn’t find a way.

You can do this with the export feature of my script Item Inspector. This needs some configuration though.

The procedure

  • Install Item Inspector
  • In the settings create a new table with the new button under the Tables tab.
  • In the filter tab select the filter called SRS level.
  • Select all SRS levels Guru+. This will cause all items from the selected level to show in the table.
  • Still in the filter tab select the Item Type filter and click on Kanji and Vocabulary. Make sure Radicals is unclicked. This will prevent the radicals from showing in your table.
  • In the export tab select the information you want in your list of items, for example the Items, Item Type and Readings Full.
  • Get out of the settings. The items you want to export will show on the Wanikani dashboard.
  • Click on on the export button. export
  • When the export dialog show up click on the download button.

The desired list of items will be downloaded in CSV format.

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It worked, thanks :slight_smile:

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