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Does anyone know a way you can create a self-quiz of custom kanji/vocab in Wanikani? I’d like to pair WaniKani with the work I’m doing in Genki vol 1 textbook.

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There isn’t really a way to self-quiz a custom list on WK. Anki has such capabilities though I believe and there are definitely already Genki sets. I would think it would be simple to add what you want from WK, but I don’t use Anki.

What is Anki?

It’s this app here

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I’m not sure that’s possible for the Item Inspector? :thinking: Though, it has several automatically created lists for you to quiz yourself on. @prouleau What do you say? Is there a way for OP to do that with the Item inspector?

In any case, @Rademacher I think you’d like this script. It’s super helpful for doing more pinpointed exercises of wanikani items that you’ve had trouble with. ^^

It can also be used to export items to convert into Anki cards. :eyes:

There’s a ton of more functionality to it, so you’ll have to read the OP post about what it’s capable of. :slight_smile:


beat me to it @ekg … this is the one!! Any kind of quiz you want to build pretty much… down to the number of times you’ve reviewed an item…lots of options to take some time with it …but it’s very powerful

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It depends on what OP calls custom kanji/vocab. If it is kanji/vocab outside of what it is covered by Wanikani there is no way to make such a list in Item Inspector. But if you limit yourself to WK kanji/vocab there are two ways to to this.

  1. If to turn on the Item List optional filter you can make a list of items with the Kanji List and Vocabulary List filters.

  2. If you turn on the Kanjidic2?Traditional radicals optional filters you can make a list of items with the Explicit List filter.

Option 2 has more features. You can import and export your list to a file.

Also option 1 has the minor inconvenient to require to block unwanted item types like radicals with the Item List filter to work properly.

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Thanks @prouleau! Yeah, I didn’t know exactly how to explain the Item list optional filter, which I felt might be closest to what they wanted + pair is somehow with an Anki list outside of WK for studying (for those outside items). :slight_smile: Hopefully, OP can find a lot of use for your excellent script just as I have! ^>^

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