How do you use the Self Study Quizz userscript?

I really just use it in conjunction with the Item Inspector these days to go at my leeches in a more manageable way. :slight_smile: Either the whole lot of them (the amount then depends on my Item Inspector settings on Leech threshold) or I quiz myself on one page at a time on leeches (again, this is through the Item Inspector and it’s settings will affect which are counted as leeches).

It think these 2 scripts were incredibly helpful in getting myself to lv 60. Just doing some spring leech cleaning a couple of times at the very least getting through Hell, Paradise and Reality is gonna keep those apprentice and guru items down to manageable numbers.

Doing nothing can quickly become overwhelming I feel, since you simply won’t have as easy learning some items as others. Which is which is a mystery really until they really have become a leech for you. So, yeah, that’s a good time to do something more directed at my learning problem with the item. Extra cramming is the first step and often the only needed, tbh.