[Userscript] Wanikani Item Inspector

Version 1.1 of Item Inspector is now released.

The changes:

  • A few bug fixes.

  • The title bar is changed from 'Top Items" to 'Items". No effort is made to select top items so it is simply items now.

  • In the settings the number of tooltip elements is increased from three to four.

  • In the settings new choices for data are added to the dropdown.


  • The hours format is now a setting. The old “Review Date 12h” and “Review Date 24h” options are now replaced by simply “Review Date”.

  • The sort format is improved with a secondary key to sort items with the same primary key when it makes sense to do so. For example items with the same SRS Level are sorted by Review Date within a SRS Level.

Update your script with Tampermonkey “Check for userscript updates” feature.


If you install Item Inspector for the first time please use the procedure at the beginning of the top post.

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