[Userscript] Wanikani Reorder Reviews by Leech Score

I got incredibly behind on reviews after taking a break from WK for several months (and stupidly neglecting to set vaca mode on), and have been struggling to get several dozen leeches out of Apprentice since I don’t see them often enough. To solve this, I wrote this basic script to reorder my reviews ascending by highest leech score in an effort to see them more often in my giant stack of reviews. Feel free to use it or hack at it to meet your needs, as I didn’t put any sort of configuration settings or menu options in it.


Wanikani Reorder Reviews by Leech Score


I took bits and pieces from the following scripts. They may meet your needs better than this one will.



Cool. :smile: I didn’t have the idea of ordering reviews by leech score. I wonder how that works out in practice. It seems it is worth a try.

When comes the time to studying leeches I suggest trying Item Inspector. It supports two studying mode. You can go over your item in a table, much like Dashboard Leech Table, reciting meaning and reading, and then you have the meaning and reading revealed in a popup. You can also start Self-Study Quiz to be quizzed on your leeches. Disclosure:. I am the author of Item Inspector.


This is an interesting idea! I’ve been working a lot with my own leeches…though I’m not sure about this approach still. I don’t have that many reviews at a time either. I’ll sleep on this one before installing. ^^ (but great that you’re contributing to the community with your scripting! <3 )

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Nice, I’ve never seen this script before. Looks pretty powerful, will check it out. I’m not very… sophisticated? when it comes to reviews, so I’m usually just hitting the review button and doing them for 30-60 minutes once a day. I really don’t think my script is useful beyond being a lazy person with lots of reviews and lots of leeches. I’ll likely turn it off once my frustratingly bad leeches are gone.

Edit: Also, feel free to use any or all of my script in yours if you deem it useful. I’m sure you could make a leech score reorder work more sensibly than my brute-force approach.

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So far its having the intended effect for me, but I can’t see my script being useful long-term. I think the default sort order of no-rhyme-or-reason is more conducive to SRS overall. So yeah, if you’re stuck in a giant pile of reviews with an ever-increasing list of leeches, then give it a whirl.