Kani Wani 2 accounts?

If you want to practice writing kanji, then KaniWani probably isn’t what you’re looking for. It doesn’t give stroke order information or alternate kanji information, mostly because it wasn’t built for that purpose. Personally, I used to use KaniWani for production (en>ja) reviews until it became clear that there were significant issues with the site (most users have complained about the bad synonym matching, and even the dev has talked about it). I’d recommend you KameSame instead; while visually it looks meh compared to KaniWani, it has much better customization, synonym matching and SRS features.

If you’re still thinking about the kanji writing aspect of this, try making an Anki deck for kanji writing. This customization will be a bit more difficult. There are some kanji stroke order fonts available out there, which show you each glyph’s stroke order within the character itself. If you get prouleau’s Item Inspector you can download a csv of your wanikani items, which you can fit with custom fonts on your machine and import into Anki.

If that sounds like a bit too much, there seem to also be some userscripts for WaniKani and KameSame that show the stroke order inherently in the reviews and lessons. If you do end up using KS you can make two different accounts with different emails, but honestly that seems like a drag to me. There are probably some hidden SRS postponement settings in the app that will let you customize your reviews for your kanji writing.

Sorry if I didn’t address your actual question :sweat_smile: imo something like this would be a better solution for what you’re trying to do, though.