When to restart lessons?

Life got in the way and I ended up with a lot of backlog.

I worked my through 2000+ reviews and have been steadily tackling the incoming waves of subsequent reviews.

I have 377 items in Apprentice; 898 in Guru; 121 in Master.

I obviously stopped doing Lessons some time ago, while I tackled the backlog.

Any recommendations on when to restart lessons?



Definitely not before those apprentice numbers are down. 377 is a lot

Many people try to keep their apprentice numbers under 100-150, so you could aim for that (though ideally a bit lower since your new lessons will immediately become new apprentice items)


That’s what I was thinking, too! Thank you for confirming! :blush:


I’d say wait to reach 100 Apprentice. :slight_smile:

Let yourself become used to 100 then go higher if you think you can! But don’t overdo it. :wink:

Edit: but I realize you’re a higher level than me so my insight isn’t probably that much of an insight haha

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What’s worked well for me is getting Apprentice down to 50 or so, then easing back into lessons and aiming for a soft limit of 100, hard limit of 150


Calling @Toyger, calling @Toyger do you know any good tips for moving on from a backlog? ^>^

My first thought is that this will generate a lot of apprentice and guru items as you won’t get most of them right after a time away from WK.

I’d start using some Leech training scrips as they’re geared toward helping you with items you don’t remember. ^^’



They should both help you tackle those Apprentice/Guru item until you’re in a good enough place to tackle new items!

Good luck!



Oh, yeah, my expertise is mucking things up and get these kinds of numbers :rofl: (unironically, truly am XD )

I had a big muck up last year and worked it down down down before even considering going forward. I was below 100, probably even more.

BUT Guru matters!
Right now, due to going too fast in 48-51 while not having the mind for it (too much teflon, nothing sticks -_- )
I now have 120 apprentice, even though I’ve gone SLOW!
I will not do a single lesson unless apprentice is under 100 (I made an exception for vocab, to get them in circulation shortly after Kanji Guru. 150 is my hard limit, 100 my soft)
I have 17 items in lesson, all kanji, they will stay there till I feel ready!

Apprentice under 100
Guru under 400
Items per day under 100!

What I aim for, and recommend.
Guru falls, and makes apprentice HUGE! Guru are dangerous! XD
I could have just over 100 apprentice, do NO lesson, just to watch it go up to nearly 200 cause of Guru fails O_o

I should probably get better at using leech training too. I just review things to death XD


Really appreciate all the advice! I feel like I have an objective and a rough idea of what my limits should be!

Love this community :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This sounds very sensible to me and is close to what I worked with as well. 170 being not great. And 180! a clear warning sign that it might get rough if you keep on pushing it! :eyes:

But everything below it probably alright in certain dosages if you don’t have it like that all the time. The fact that my numbers fluctuated was probably helpful for me reaching lv 60.

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When I hit 180 I felt like dying XD
But it was probably more so cause they weren’t new items, but falling leeches =P

Fallen leech vs new lesson makes a huge difference in how the numbers feel too.
So many factors play a role. Even how you feel in a certain day. I’ve done 600 reviews in a day and felt great!
Now I feel all burned out at 150 XD


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