Is There a Way to Get Tested on Burned Items?

I mean sure, I know 植, I know it really well, let’s say I burned it. But then later along came 値 which is almost exactly the same. I sometimes get it mixed up with 値, so clearly I don’t actually know the difference between them. But because I burned 植 back in the day when it was the only kanji I knew that looked like it, it was easy to burn. Now? I don’t know that I know it.

And that’s true for dozens and dozens of Kanji that were easy enough at the time, but now resemble Kanji learned later. They’re not really burned in my memory. But I don’t know which ones I don’t really know, so to speak.

Is there a way to just be quizzed on Burned kanji to see which ones might have to go back into rotation? I know you can unburn kanji, but I don’t want to unburn everything because I’m iffy on 10% of them, say.

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Pretty sure this can be used that way.


I am the author of this script and I confirm. It can be used that way. There is a section titled “Burned Items” in the top post that explains how to do it.

Terrific, thank you. (Thank you for letting me know, both of you, and thank you for authoring it!)

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