All my leeches are transitivity pairs and 人 (にん or じん)

I´m in a very similar situation, the Item Inspector script, Wanikani Self-Study Quiz and Wanikani Self-Study Hide Info could help, take your time to understand the word or kanji, maybe checking example sentences or copying the item and google it. Using a Google extention like JapaneseIo or similar ones can help you a bit. Also you could decrease or stop lessons for a while. For the じん and にん readings I have a mnemonic that has worked for me so far: when the じん reading appears making an image that has strong people in it and the にん ones with weak people or something that fits in the narrative. Example:
主人 (しゅじん) my husband is a very strong man
住人 (じゅうにん)all types of residents usually need to be saved in games, because they are weak
Again, this is somehitng that helps me remember but has nothing to do with the actual meaning.
Somebody in the forums worked on a website called Natively the link takes you to n5 resources and some of them are free and very easy to understand. For grammar Genki and TokiniAndy videos gave me some ground to have an idea of whats going on, but it depends on what works for you.
I don´t interact in the forums so sorry if this is messy and english is not my first language but I hope it helps, in the end it´s about learning don´t feel bad about restart if that´s what you think you need.