Can I still review burned items after my subscription ends?

No it will not! :eyes:

As soon as your subscription runs out, WK locks you back into the 1-3 “free” levels. WK stats gets its info from you API key, and that only gives info about levels 1-3. So any items you’ve burnt that are above lv 3, will not show anymore. Nor will WK stats accurately show your progress up to lv 14.

@Mjopa you will have to extract your current state. You can use the Item Inspector script for this to create Anki cards for example. I don’t know the specifics, just check out the Item Inspector thread for more info.

But, be prepared for only having a few burn reviews from lv 1-3 coming up on your review schedule on WK (unless you’ve burned all items on those levels, then you will have 0 upcoming reviews).

Everything else, lv 4+ will be put into forced vacation mode and so they will not progress further, as in the time-count for the SRS for those items only starts again once you re-start your subscription. So the actual time between review dates will get prolonged for the duration of you being unsubscribed.

You can also not use the Self-Study Quiz or any other scripts to access levels above the free levels 1-3. So, no self-studying for what you’ve learnt so far using scripts or the extra study.

BUT, you will still have access to all the info pages on WK, since those are all open information anyway. :eyes: You can continue studying that way. That wouldn’t be SRS, but it’s still studying using quirky mnemonics. :slight_smile: