[Userscript] Wanikani Item Inspector

Version 1.21.0 is out - Please download it at the link in the top post.

This version addresses a number of issues including those reported by @mysticfirecat

  1. Some of the data used by Item Inspector has been updated to address the new items added to Wanikani. The updates target

    • The stroke order diagrams
    • The stroke count data
    • The Reading by type data

    Bugs resulting from incomplete data are now resolved.

  2. New information for table entries and export columns are now available.

    • Readings onyomi
    • Readings kunyomi
    • Readings nanori

    This information is available for kanji only. For vocabulary you need to use Reading by Type.

  3. The Leech Training Emulation function has been reworked to fix several bugs that plagued it. The semantics of the Size Of Training Selection parameter has been changed. Previously this parameter covered the entire size including base items and visually similar items for them. Now only the base items are counted. Visually similar items are added on top of them.