Some questions from a newbie

Hello, and welcome!

I wonder if an expanded view exists

Not within WaniKani itself.
However, both user scripts and external services extend WaniKani’s functionality, including this use case.

The Item Inspector script allows you to find and list items based on various criteria, but it doesn’t fully support the grouping you’re looking for.
The closes match, and a very useful tool in general, would be Under the “Items” tab, you get a list of all items in WaniKani. Adjust the filters to group by “SRS stage” and hide the “Locked” stage.

will there be some kind of alternative reviews type […]?

No. WaniKani only does Kanji->EN and Kanji->Kana.
However, various other services exist to fill that gap.

Common options are:

And you’ll find plenty of other options mentioned here on the forums as well.