Best Userscripts / APIs?

I haven’t yet used any userscripts or APIs (aside from KaniWani and KameSame), but I’m wondering what the best or most useful ones might be and if I’m able to use them on any platform (I’m on Linux Mint at the moment)?

There is a commented description of the most interesting script in section 7 of this guide.

I also recommend my script Item Inspector for keeping track and doing extra studying of your leeches, this is how we call the items that give you trouble in reviews. Item Inspector also support a powerful export feature if you want to place your items in Anki, Kitsun of in a spreadsheet.


I recommend hitting up a couple of lv 60 threads. Many list which scripts they’ve used, like I did, so you can get a pretty good feel for which scripts have helped people get to the end. :slight_smile:


I forgot about this thread lol. That link was just what I needed; I especially wanted to learn how to frontload the radicals first for each level, and that was in the top three scripts mentioned.

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