User script that quizzes you on random stuff?

Hi WK Community.

I’m sure it exists, but I couldn’t find it despite my best searching skills… I’m wondering if there is a user script out there that allows you to test yourself on X amount of random (unlocked) items? Ideally the script just randomly chooses items for you (radicals, kanji, vocab)
I find that I am forgetting a lot of stuff that I should know simply because it’s all sitting in the “enlightened” pile… I would love to have the ability to randomly quiz myself to keep things fresh in my mind.

So… Does anyone know if such a user script exists?

I think you could probably do that with Self Study Quiz

I’m assuming that’s a user script of its own?


You can also make more kinds of lists for quizzing using the Item Inspector script


Well, then you’ll either pass or fail them on burn and then either you can be assured you did know them after all, or you get to practice them some more.


I’m still struggling to get out of the headspace where “incorrect answer = failure”. Because of spending so many years in a school system where getting things wrong is actively discouraged and not seen as part of the natural learning process.

Every time I get a kanji that I’ve not seen for a while and I get it wrong, I beat myself up so much for it. Even though that’s part of how the SRS system works.

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