Script Abusers Anonymous

Is there a testing download anyway? :confounded:

I’ll just leave my obvious override abuse here

I don’t think anything more really needs to be said, other than perhaps: do not abuse double check <_<


I felt like this was appropriate for this thread:

Thanks @jeylup


Yeah it is indeed a life saver… my laptop keyboard has been getting worse recently and sometimes it doesn’t register the letter T so if it weren’t for the double-check script I’d be damned.

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I’m a repeat offender! D=

First time:
I went full speed, going from 1-20 with only a week per level.
I abused ignore/mark as right scripts to the point where I didn’t know half, especially from the later half of levels. I burned out, got a huge mess of a backlog, reset to 1

Second time:
I still pushed 7 day levels, but tried to be more careful with the ignore script. But went in to re-order abuse and when I had a burnout coming on I didn’t stop leveling, just did the radicles and kanji, leaving the vocab.
I went up to lvl 42, but didn’t do any vocabs past the 20’s. I had at least a 1000 vocabs lessons left behind :rofl:
Honestly, I had “given up” and knew I would reset again, so continued for a but for fun. Last few levels I didn’t even do, I did “always right” script (Can’t abuse worse than that one! :rofl: )
Reached 42, stayed there till I was ready, reset to 1

Third time:
Now back on lvl one I joined “team 0/0”
I have had zero lessons/zero reviews and screenshot it at least once per level. Current streak: 41/42. Will get nr 42 before level up (have 4 lessons left, all radicles :wink: )
I try for zero reviews daily if possibly, on good days every waken hour as they come in =P
I took a breather every 10 or so levels, where I stopped leveling and just did reviews.
Still got a burnout! D=
Cause my brain sucks -_-
I am disabled due to chronic fatigue, but it comes in waves.
Reviews pilled up, so even though I had been diligent and gone slow I lost my retention as the items got lost in the limbo for too long. I was now lvl 31.
I decided to kill the pile with “never wrong”, push it to burn, and try again from scratch without resetting the level :wink:
So I burned all opened items.

4th try.
Now, still at level 31, but all items burned.
I started un-burning from level 1, first 1 level per week, later 2-3 to get them out.
At first I did all reviews properly. But as I unburned it all it got way too much, so decided around lvl 20 to just push to Enlightened (using ignore script for a repeat) and deal with it later. Theory being that all items I can answer correctly when they come back after 4 months can be properly burned and removed from the pile.
Now my incoming reviews was still a good time off, so I leveled to 42. Actually started leveling WHILE unburning! I stopped just as the Enlightened started coming in. I had zero burns when I reached lvl 42!
I slowly put out all 42 items except the radicles, and just did reviews for the next 4 months!
This is where I am at now!
Next week I will have lvl 31 from the unburn return, and at that point alk the pushed items are either burned or fallen back!
And since a good amount of the items have been repeated 4 times over I did burn a good portion of them :wink:
The leeches have been sorted and are now down in the active reviews again (Apprentice/Guru, some less leechy leeches back in Master or even Enlightened)

As of right now:

With “annotations”. First go, from February 2017, doesn’t show, The data wasn’t collected untill August 2017 =(
You can clearly see the burnouts, dabbing out to nothing XD
UB - When I started Un-Burning.
Numbers are when my attempts started, and where I reached lvl 42 (for the second and hopefully final time)

I was hoping for 50% burn by end of next week… But the 20’s had more leeches than I liked. Don’t think I’ll reach 45% burn even. But have about 10% of REAL Enlightened items, with no push, coming in as well, so will have the 50% burn soon enough. Which isn’t bad, considering 26% is still locked =)

When I finish next week I will slowly level again. I’m now in the fast levels but will take my sweet time :wink:
I will do lessons when I feel like, vocabs first. Only do lessons if zero reviews. If I spend a month on a level, then so be it. I will not rush it. I’d rather avoid reseting again =P

Confession: I still use the “ignore” script. I can’t live without it. I have dyslexia and English is my second language. It is too demoralising for items to fall back for typos/brain glitch (If I KNOW what the meaning is, but can’t think of the English word, I check and see if I agree with what I thought it was even though I couldn’t think of the word) I try not to abuse it, but I know some, especially Apprentice items I’ve seen one too many times, gets a push for “close enough” at times, with a “I’ll get you next time!” XD

If I had gone slow, not abused scripts and just taken my time, I would have been lvl 60 LONG ago!
Now I’ve been here 3 1/2 years and will probably not reach 60 before my 4 year mark =P


Here is a tip for people that need to reset due to script abuse.

The Item Inspector script will let you see your leeches in a table on the dash board. You can set the script to display the levels of the items. You can set the ordering to list the items in order of level. This way you can see at which levels are the items that give you trouble. You will be able to pinpoint the best level to reset to. Below that level you know the items (few leeches) and above that level you have lots of leeches. (Disclosure: I am the author of Item Inspector)


^ this. I always need to remind myself that it’s ok to get things wrong and it just helps to give me more time to properly study.

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I have a very bad habit of submitting the reading instead of the meaning and then quickly hitting enter. Even the scripts cant save me :pensive:
But I do use the reorder script. I get the kanji and radicals done before vocab. And try to finish the pile up before bedtime.
Is this ok?

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They can! Double-Check can fix both of these issues individually! It has a feature for detecting meaning/reading mixups as well as a mistake delay. There’s also a feature for automatically going to the next item if you answered it correctly, which would save you from double tapping enter

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Yes, that’s perfectly acceptable, haha

Though I’d advise doing vocab before kanji, in general, since it is there to reinforce the kanji you’ve just guru’d upon level up. Also, not sure if you mean you do all your lessons on the very first day? No harm in that if it’s not burning you out, but there’s really no need - doing 30 or so lessons a day for three days will have the same effect ^-^

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I do use that script but in my case it’s more of “trigger happy fingers” - during an answer I say (out loud) the answer, type “it”, hit enter to see that it’s wrong. Then I have to look and see and wo and behold - I wonder how I typed that, lol…

Why the obsession with 0/0???

I’m sticking to just doing constant number of new lessons (independent of the type) and I never have 0 new lessons - by the time I reach less than 50 I usually manage to level up and bum - new radicals/kanji/vocabulary gets unlocked. But I’m not stressing about it :slight_smile:


Two factors, I think:

  • Self Dicipline: hitting a streak of 0/0 every level means you’re consistently getting done on time
  • Speed: If you’re doing for 7 day level, and you don’t cheat by taking your kanji before you’re vocab, then you really should be 0/0 just before you level up.

Other bonus factor, comradeship;

A lot of us do this thread:

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I just took 円 from Master to Apprentice because I incorrectly answered “yenn” for the meaning twice consecutively. The sense of bewilderment is almost indescribable.


You can be disciplined without hitting limits? Doing constantly and consistently x items daily is also a discipline?

AFAIR it’s quite difficult to hit 0/0 if you are not speed-learning, and I’d say that majority here are not striving at doing 7day level (and often if they do then they quickly get burned)?


It’s simply two different approaches. Nothing is wrong with either of them, as I see it.

The fact that we have many threads dedicated to hitting levelling targets, I’d argue that there are enough people that are striving to level quickly that it’s is relevant, even if it’s not the majority. Arguably, going for 0/0 is the same as doing consistent and constant x items a day, it’s just the x is derived from the number of total lessons you receive upon level up divided by three.

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Like you, I never see 0 lessons. I aim to see 0 reviews on 99% of nights

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Yass. Finally. Thanks for the script suggestion. Works like a charm.


For me at least, it’s not difficult to hit 0/0 but still go slow. I use WaniKani’s setting “Shuffled” for lesson ordering. That way I get some radicals, some kanji and some vocab each time I do lessons. Since I usually have some kanji left, I don’t guru the last batch of kanji on my level before going through the last of the vocab, and I easily hit 0/0. If you do WaniKani standard ordering radicals/kanji/vocab it might be more tricky to get 0/0 every level since you might not have finished all vocab before guruing the last kanji and levelling up. I got that once, levelling up before I was ready, and I learned my lesson. “Shuffled” lesson ordering is what saves me right now.


Actually this is predominant behaviour. I’m on level 8 and I was at around 30 new lessons but unlocking new kanji new vocab started to be added.

But - I don’t mind it at all, and having mixed vocab from previous level brings IMHO a little bit more of a challenge.

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I thought “Double-Check” was my friend. “Oh, yeah of course I meant that…”. But at level 21, there were dozens of reviews, that I couldn’t even recognise. I was drowning in 200-300 Reviews every day, that took 2-3 hours. It was devastating. I gave up and it took me two months to reset to level 11 and do it right. Now, I no longer cheat and use the “Expected Daily Number of Reviews” for the number of lessons I do to prevent a flood of reviews.
And with “Review Order” in “Single Mode” and Lightning Mode, reviews only take half the time.