My (lengthy) introduction, questions, and gripes

Congrats on your progress. The rule of thumb is that it takes three weeks for something to become habit, so welcome to the WK review train!

Like @Kumirei, I only do one review session per day. It’s slower because you miss the four and eight hour reschedules, but since it’s a multi year effort for most of us, I don’t think it matters much when you do your reviews as long as you get the queue down to zero at least once every single day.

You also want to get as many reviews of newly introduced items in as possible, though. The downside of only doing reviews once per day isn’t just a slower pace, you also won’t review early stage items frequently enough for them to “stick”

For that reason, I’m a big fan of augmenting “real” reviews with self study. Either using the newly introduced feature or via user scripts (the ganbarometer and item inspector also make it easy to launch the wonderful self study user script with just early stage items).

I like to have several repeated rounds of items in stages 1-2 before beginning my real review session. I repeat until I can answer all items with 100% accuracy.

I’ve usually got fewer than 20 or so stage 1-2 items out of 150 or so total on any given day. It only takes two or three iterations until I can answer them all correctly, so it really doesn’t add much more time to my overall review session.

I usually finish my sessions in 30 minutes or so (sometimes double that if I’ve got a bunch of master/enlightened items all arriving on the same day).

Addendum regarding typos:

Personally, I think it’s best to look at them as opportunities for an extra review or two. In the grand scheme of things, those extra reviews aren’t going to hurt your learning, and who cares how long it takes you to burn something? It’s sometimes annoying for enlightened items but I’ve never bothered with undoing mistakes for any reason.

That assumes that typos are relatively infrequent, though. Too many and they will affect your overall daily workload. They were happening too frequently for me through stages 1-10 when I mostly used my phone, so I switched to doing my reviews on a real keyboard in front of the computer and never looked back.