Returning after long hiatus, tips for getting started again, and must have scipts?

highly, highly recommend Double-Check for dealing with typos and some other improvements (lightning mode rules). i’d struggle without it. a little deeper in the weeds is Item Inspector and Self-Study Quiz, if you find you’re wanting to customize the study experience without altering WaniKani’s internal SRS, or if you just want more info on stuff. make sure you get all the open framework dependency stuff as instructed on the pages. i have way more installed but i don’t think the majority are essential. less important but still very nice to have is Dashboard Apprentice, i’d really miss being able to see that info if it weren’t there.

oh, and i guess as long as the feature is still broken/removed, this Review Summary script restores it very nicely.

Edit: my b i misread the post and thought it was asking for script recommendations in general. well i still do recommend these. as for slowing it down, yeah i pretty much just do fewer lessons at once manually so the reviews won’t all hit at the same time. you could try this or possibly this (?) though

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