Self Review (Guru, Master, Enlightened) items for better retention

I know two ways of doing this.

The first one is the Self-Study Quiz script. It will setup a quiz for your selected items. You will need to define presets for the Guru, Master and Enlightened reviews to get the quizzes you want. In the filter tab you will need to select and configure the SRS Level filter to select your items. There is a setting for the maximum number of items in a quiz to keep the quiz size manageable. It will pick a random selection of items for your quiz.

The other way is a script that I wrote, the Item Inspector script. It will setup a table of the items you want to study. You recite the meaning and reading ot the items and you check your answers by hovering the mouse over the item. A popup will display the correct meaning and reading. You will have to define tables for your Guru, Master and Enlightened items to get what you want. In the Filters tab you will have to select and define the SRS Level filter to select the items you want to study. In the Contents tab the Random Selection option may be used to display a manageable number of items. If you select this option each time you display the table a different selection will be displayed.

The two scripts are similar in the way the filters work. They differ in the type of study they offer. One provides quizzes, the other provides tables. It all depends on the style of studying you prefer.

Edit: If you want to avoid studying items too close to the review date to avoid disturbing the SRS you can configure the Time Until Review filter. Both script support this filter but you have to install the open Framework Additional Filters script to have it.