Why doesn’t some vocabulary stick?

If you have good accuracy in your reviews you shouldn’t reset for a few stragglers. No matter how well you do there will always be a few troublesome items. If you reset for this you will never make progress because you will be resetting all the time.

You may be patient and let the SRS do its thing. You may also do some leech training. (Leech is how we call an item that causes trouble in reviews) Currently the two best script for training your leeches are Leech Training and Item Inspector. (Disclosure: I am the author of Item Inspector)

  • Leech Training will quiz you on your leeches. It is like Self-Study Quiz but specialized in leeches.

  • Item Inspector will display your leeches on your dashboard. You go over then reciting readings and meanings and you check your answers by moving the mouse over the item. Then answers will show in a popup. You can also start a Self Study Quiz session on your leeches from item Inspector thanks to integration between these two scipts.