What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

Just in case anyone else is interested in the same thing, I thought I’d document the two potential solutions that @NicoleIsEnough and @prouleau suggested, as well as better explain what I’m after.

Proposed solutions to get the data

Using Wkstats

First, provide an API key to https://wkstats.com.

Navigate to Items → Wanikani, then configure as follows:

This clearly shows I have 12 “ascending” items in my lesson queue (all vocabulary) before I start seeing the radicals and kanji on level 43.

Using the Item Inspector

First, install the Item Inspector.

Click the gear icon, then the Tables tab, then New, change the name to “Ascending Lessons”, then set the Table Data Element to be what every you want (I chose to display the meaning because I’m more likely to know the reading — as much as that still amazes me):

Then click the Filters tab under Table Settings and configure as follows:

Selecting this table will then display just the “ascending” items:

My desired solution

While both of these suffice for my needs, I’m more interested in the number of ascending items than in what those items are (I’ll see them when I do my reviews).

Basically, I’d like to estimate when I’ll really start the next level. To my way of thinking, you haven’t “leveled up” until you start doing lessons for the new level. I’ve sometimes spent a week or more finishing up vocabulary lessons for the prior level after “leveling up”.

What I’ll probably do is write something like the Lesson Hover Details script that just displays counts when you hover over the lessons button (something I’m likely to do anyway, just prior to doing my lessons).

Instead of:

I’d like it to display something like:

Ascending 12 (0r/0k/12v)
Radicals   3
Kanji     31
Vocab     25

Edit: here’s a patch to Lesson Hover Details that does what I’m looking for.

Edit 2: I had a linguistic misunderstanding with English for a change.

The WK default user preference for lesson ordering is “ascending level, then subject”. I was interpreting “ascending level” as meaning the specific level you’d just exited. What they really meant was that the default sorted the lessons by level (in ascending order) first, then by subject (radicals/kanji, then vocab using those items).

The data above is correct and meaningful, but I’ve replaced the word “ascending” with “previous level” (abbreviated for space).