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So I went back on the original ‘Kitsun’ HTML export, and re-tried a few different templates with new imports and this seems to works as expected (creating new tab opening). I was unable re-create the issues I had yesterday so this may have been on my end on where I was importing within the card (sorry for any confusion). And yes, the Anki version works but does not create a new tab as expect (I’m so used of WK’s review page that I right click everything now), sorry for any confusion. Nice work, this is such a great tool for many and thanks for refining for Kitsun users.


I am glad to hear this. :partying_face:

Thank you for your work. You are of a great help. :+1:


When exporting data, I can’t get a clear spreadsheet.
I am working with a Chromebook laptop so it converts the csv files in the “Office Editing for Docs, Sheets and Slides” extension and the result is all mixed up.

I tried everything in the settings, tab, no tab, semicolon, quotes, never quotes, and so on.

Can anyone help me get back on track? Thanks a lot!

I don’t have a Chromebook but I will do my best.

If I go to the page where they give the specification of the “Office Editing for Docs, Sheets and Slides” extension, it lists the supported file formats. Unfortunately csv is not in the list. You need to click the “read more” to see the supported formats. This looks bad for you.

As an alternative I suggest Google sheet. They list csv in the supported formats.

Thank you, I’ll study it, hoping it will help me solve the problem! :slight_smile:

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Version 1.16.0 is out - Please download it at the link in the top post.

Do you remember tht in version 1.11.x I said filters can answer questions about your items? In this version I expand on this idea, except the answers are provided by changing the data that is displayed instead of changing the filters. There are two type of changes:

  • Views: This changes the content of the popups. Optionally this may change the main table element and the sort order.
  • Reports:: This display a summary of statistics for your table.

You enable views and reports with a new dropdown on the Item Inspector top bar.


The procedure is:

  • You pick a table you have a question about
  • You use the new dropdown to select the view or report that will answer your question.
  • When you are done you return to the “No view, No Report” selection option to bring your table back to normal.

There are three views and three reports provided by default. As usual you can configure your onw views and reports in the settings.

Views are pretty much self-explanatory. They all change the popups according to the descriptions

  • “Leech Stats View”: Show stats related to leeches.
  • Progression: Shows dates when Wanikani events occurred
  • Item Info: Shows relationships and other information about the items such as part of speech and allow/block list content.

Reports display a table of statistics as below:


The first column is the report key. It is “Level” in the screenshot. All items in the table that have the same level are grouped together for computing the stats,.

The second columns is the number of items with this key value. It is under “Items”.

The third column is the legend for the stats. The report collects the minimum, average and maximum value for each statistic. The remaining columns are the stats that go with the legend.

Sometimes there are item that don’t have the statistics. for example there is no reading stats for radicals and there is no passed guru date for items that never reached guru. These items are not used in computing the stats. In some extreme case there is no item at all for computing the stats. In this case the report mentions “No Data”.


The default reports are:.

  • Leech Stats: Various leech related stats broken down by leech value.
  • Leech By Level: Leech stats broken down by level. This may be useful to plan a reset because you will see at which level there are a concentration of leeches.
  • Progression: Wanikani event dates broken down by level.

Reports are exportable to spreadsheet by copy and paste.

  • Display the report you want on the screen.
  • Click the mouse on the top left corner of the report.
  • Holding the mouse down, drag the mouse to the bottom right corner of the report.
  • At this point the whole report must be selected.
  • Click Ctrl-C to copy the report.
  • Open your spreadsheet soft ware
  • Click Ctrl-V to paste the report in the spreadsheet.

Voilà! The report is now in your spreadsheet. I have tested this procedure with Libre Office. With other spreadsheet YMMV.


Man, you don’t stop, do you


Well, I will have to stop. There is no more room on the top bar to add widgets. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Joking aside I won’t continue for long. This idea of putting items in tables is a very productive one but I am running out of ideas on what to do next.


I saw some comments on the HouHou thread that may need import help (from WK via csv), thought the WKII could be applicable (don’t know anything about HH though).

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Thanks. I posted some help there.

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Version 1.16.1 is out - Please download it at the link in the top post.

Minor bugfix. The restore missing default function will now restore missing views and reports. This bugfix won’t impact you because no defaults are missing after installing version 1.16.0.

The new version is HUGE. Just the advanced searching alone is wonderful. I can now create lists based on Part of Speech, such as just verbs, or adjectives. Thank you! Definitely one of my top favorite scripts.

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Thank you for your kind words. I really love when I get feed back on what people like. I wondered how popular search features would be. It was a lot of work to get Advanced Search ready and knowing that someone likes it is much welcomed.

If you liked Advanced Search for this reason then I encourage you to explore the filters you can enable with the Optional Filters setting in the Settings tab. Many filters are available only if you do so. For example there is a standalone Part of Speech filter there you could have used.

Please note that latest version is 1.16.1. Advanced Search is available since 1.15.0. You can get the latest version at the link in the top post. Scroll up to find out what has been released since 1.15.0. I fully discuss the new features in the new release posts.

Oh nice, I didn’t know I could do that. That is nicer for this particular type of list because it allows me to choose the part of speech from a list rather than having to type it in comma separated into the advanced search. Thanks for that tip! This script is indispensable. How can I buy you a beer? :slight_smile:

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There is no need to, but if you insist I will accept a virtual beer. Just post it in a gif. Bonus points if you make it a stout.

This particular filter was written by @rfindley. I depend on their code for much of Item Inspector. I will share my virtual beer with them. I hope they like stout.


Ah nice, you two definitely deserve these. And @rfindley if you ever make WKStats as a widget for the WK dashboard, you’ll get a keg :slight_smile:

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Version 1.17.0 is available - Please download it at the link in the top post.

Stroke count information for Wanikani radicals is now implemented. Use of stroke count in popups and filters now use this data on top of the existing stroke count data for kanji and traditional radicals.

I don’t think it’s a new version issue. Switching “Temporary Filters” seems to be working randomly, that is sometimes the change is applied, but sometimes just nothing happens. I didn’t yet find any patterns there, seems random. I’m using Tampermonkey on Firefox.

Temporary filters works every time for me.

I will need more data so I can try replicate the problem, otherwise I can’t solve it.

  • What configuration do you use?
  • Which filter is used?
  • Most importantly, do you get messages at the console when it happens? Press F12 immediately when the problem happens and post a screenshot of the Console tab.