Anyone else continuously mess up the same things for long periods of time?

For example, I just messed up the reading for 九つ again, because I just can’t seem to remember these counter words. Something from level 1 has never been mastered despite me being level 10 now (after a little less than 4 months), and other things I can’t quite remember are likely the same. I’m similarly worried about enlightened things being dropped in a similar fashion once those pop up. Any idea how to work on these without basically cheating the SRS system? The mnemonics don’t seem to work for things like the counters because it’s really hard to remember specifically “nine coconuts” as opposed to “eight coconuts” or “eight yachts” as opposed to "nine yachts. for example. I have similar problems with some other words/kanji (such as remembering the 火 onyomi vs kunyomi reading) but the counters are generally the biggest problem for now.


I keep mistaking 豚 as vocab because the kanji meaning is “pork” but as a word, it’s “pig”.

Also you get used to words dropping from Enlightened back to Guru 2 - eventually they’re getting back up.


Funny you mentioned that. The 九つ has never caused me any problems but 四つ vs 八つ is a whole different story :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

With counters like ~人, ~日, or ~つ what helps me is just to write them out together, like the first ten of them, and have them on cards to review :sunglasses:


On the forums, we call those leeches.
If you look around, you might find some scripts that help with those.

Bunch of links to scripts

[Userscript] Wanikani Item Inspector

[Userscript] WaniKani Dashboard Leech Tables - Notice your leeches

[UserScript] Leech List Burn-Only Upgrade

[Unsupported] Dashboard Userscript: Leech, Apprentice, and Guru detail (aka SRS level progress)

[Userscript] WaniKani Open Framework Additional Filters (Recent Lessons, Leech Training, Related Items, and more)


Yeah, I had a big problem with leeches and I think that’s what led me to burn out on WaniKani the first time. I know no other way to deal with them than to take it slow if overwhelmed and to do leech training through a script pretty much every day. That’s how I’m doing it now and I think it’s helping. It’s been about two weeks since I’ve reactivated my WK subscribtion.

I think everyone has words like that. I think repeat exposure over a long period of time is the solution. It probably doesnt come up often enough in wanikani to sink in so maybe spend more time on it outside of here.


Btw, I’m using this leech trainer and it doesn’t mess with the SRS too much:

The script will put together a lesson of 10 leeches. It will exclude any leech that is too recent (less than 24 hours since the last review), or too old (less than half the time between reviews remaining), or already trained.


Yes, struggled with counters and numbers in the beginning. Then I decided to simply start using them. When doing my physical therapy exercises, instead of counting 1-10 for a set, I’ll count in Japanese, then the next set I count 1-10 things, 1-10 days and on the next exercise I count them backwards. But you can do this with anything. Making a sandwich? Every wipe of the knife is a count. Folding socks? Count count count. Numbers are so ingrained into the language you’re going to need more practice than with other words anyway.
After a month you’ll wonder how you ever struggled.


Yep, that’s pretty much my approach, too. You just gotta “burn” them in, somehow, anyhow :+1:

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Seriously, I use the “undo” button for stuff like that. Call me a dirty cheater. :rofl:


Remembering when 月 reads as がつ、げつ or つき in various expressions is the one I can’t get down.


I feel your pain, I have been making annoying mistakes also. I have tortuous mnemonics (like the 'o’s in kokonotsu looking a bit like coconuts, and they’re all 'o’s - I always put an a in by mistake - “9” concievably also has its round coconut. For 8, I try to see the shape of the yacht sail in the kanji. But where does that leave you with youka - yep nowhere, which is why I muddle the two up. When you open a yoghurt the lid and the pot form two circles like an 8).

In retrospect I think the idea of counting everything around you all the time must be the way to go! Possibly it would have helped if WK had done the counters in order, so I had the whole list to practise with early on. But who knows :slight_smile:


Exactly. But sometimes I actually feel my brain give up the struggle and give me the right answer! As though it’s more trouble to argue and less to just give me what I want :slight_smile:

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Somebody feel free to correct me on this, but:

つき generally applies for when you’re talking about the moon (think 月姫) or when it’s something that recurs every month (毎月)
がつ is for talking about specific months, like “January” or “May”
げつ is for talking about months as a time frame, like “one month” or “three months”


Extra studying doesn’t cheat the SRS system. The scientific literature on this topic was researched by @MegaZeroX They found that extra studying outside the SRS schedule improves retention of items. The trick is to avoid the studying just before a review.

The two best script for studying leeches are in my opinion Leech Training and Item Inspector.. The difference is in how you study the leeches.

  • Leech Training will set up a quiz for your leeches.
  • Item Inspector will display your leeches in tabular form, You recite the readings and meanings of your items and move the mouve over the item to reveal the answer in a popup.

Item Inspector also has features like export and audio. There is integration with Self Study Quiz to get you quizzed on your leeches. Also Item Inspector is not just for leeches. It can query, filter, sort and display your items in ways that answer various questions about items.

Disclosure: I am the author of Item Inspector.


I’ve a load from level one I just can’t seem to get and a totally different group that I always say right in my head as I do them but always type out wrong for some reason.

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I was going to post some of those links! :triumph: But, I see you’ve made sure OP gets them all! XD




I’ve still got some leeches from the first five levels, so the answer to the OP’s question is a definite yes…

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Me too, I have no problem with that. If the app stops me, lets me think, and I come up with a correct translation on my own, I still count it, even if on the second try. The idea is to learn it, not to keep the score;)

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