Can I do custom reviews for specific levels

Yes, with the Self-Study script you should be able to.

I have never used this myself, but you can enter level into the settings menu here

Of course, as for choosing which level, the API only gives you access to to the levels and items you have unlocked, so for you that means access to levels 1-4.

the reason why I have never done this before, is that I’m uncertain as to the usefulness of the exercise. Basically, if there are items you’re struggling with, they’re likely to be a spread across different levels, not all on a single level.

I use the Item Inspector to list current and previous level’s items though, which I find more useful. Basically, items that will be in either Apprentice or Guru. :slight_smile: It’s super-quick to do filtering for that.

This script is also linked to the Self-Study Quiz, with some additional options for what to do a quick quiz on, so very useful for leeches or other items you might struggle with. :slight_smile:

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